Warning Signs: Part 4

"Isn't that Spike?" Dawn pointed at a figure being chased down the street by three men. Xander hit the gas and sped up beside the vampire.

"Get in!" He yelled and Spike eagerly got in, happy to escape his pursuers.

"Lucky you guys happened to be in the neighborhood," Spike smiled, glancing back to make sure he was loosing his tail of thugs.

"Yeah...lucky," Xander tried to be quiet until they got a good distance from the pick up spot. Once he felt they were far enough from a run-in with Spike's friends, he pulled the car over and got out. Dawn followed, unsure of what her former crush was doing.

"Get out!" Xander ordered the vampire.

"What's with the short trip? Thought since we were in the area, you might drop me back at the crypt."

Xander stomped up to Spike and grabbed a handful of his leather coat, pushed him up against Giles car and pulled his fist back, ready to strike.

"What did you say to Giles?" Xander growled.

"What do you mean...when?"

"Xander, can't you just ask him? What's with the force stuff?" Dawn knew Spike had done something nasty to Giles but really didn't want to see him beaten up.

"This bastard only understands the rough stuff...don't ya Spike. Now, start singing or I'll introduce you to my little friend," Xander motioned his fist toward Spikes face.

"You really should stop watching the telly so much. Or at least get new material. Something original would be a pleasant change." Spike smiled.

Dawn was growing impatient with the vampire's attitude. "Punch him already."
Xander thrust his fist forward and Spike waved his hands up, stopping the young man just in time.

"I told him what Buffy said was a mistake. She didn't mean it."

"How do you know what Buffy said...you weren't there?" Dawn questioned.

"She told me. Slayer and me are tighter than you know, lil' bit."

"Giles wouldn't believe Spike would he?" Dawn looked at Xander who considered previous deceptions by the former enemy.

"Well, there's no telling what he'd believe, or do when it comes to Buffy. He can be a bit blinded by her. His judgment isn't always crystal clear." Xander knew the feeling. He drew his attentions back toward Spike. "Why did you tell him that?"

"I'm evil...what'd ya expect?"

"I really should beat the undead crap outta you but I think Giles may find some satisfaction in that later, after we find him." Xander released Spike and got back in the car, motioning for Dawn to join him.

"Spike...you're a bastard!" Dawn yelled as they drove off, leaving a very lonely Spike standing on the street corner.

"So what's new?" He mumbled and strolled off into the night.

Anya heard the Magic Box doorbell ring and looked up from the register. She was about to point out the lights were off thereby representing the currently closed nature of the store when she saw a very grimy and bloody Giles slowly entering. He looked tired, dragging his feet as he closed the door and secured the lock.

"Giles...you're alive and very messy," She rushed up to stop him from moving further. "You're going to muddy up the shop."

"Good evening to you too, Anya. Let me go get cleaned up." Giles raised his hand to move her aside but she stood firmly in place.

"No...I've just cleaned the floors. You'll track junk all over. You'll just have to...um..." she looked around, trying to figure out a way to avoid tracking dirt and water all over the sparkling floor. "...take your clothes off." She smiled at the brilliance of her idea. Not only would she manage to keep her floors clean, she could keep Giles here by hiding his clothes.

"Pardon?" Giles eyes went wide with embarrassment. She couldn't possibly have just suggested what he thought he'd heard.

"If you remove the messy articles of clothing, I will allow you to go through the shop without messing up my...our freshly cleaned floors."

"Get out of my way, Anya. I'm in no mood..."

"Strip!" Anya tried to sound stern but kept an enthusiastic smile on her lips. "I insist."

Giles was too tired to fight Anya's stubbornness. He considered forcing her out of his path but realized she was just trying to avoid messing up the shop...his shop.
"This day just keeps getting better," he mumbled as he removed his mud-soaked coat and placed it on the floor by the door.

"Keep going...your shirt is disgraceful." Anya ordered.

Giles could barely lift his arms over his shoulders. He managed to get his sweatshirt up around his neck but felt his muscles straining to lift any higher.

"Here...let me help you," Anya offered and began to pull the sweatshirt over the tired Watcher's head.

Buffy came in the back door of the Magic Box, hoping to find Giles in the training room alone. The room was empty and she began to worry she'd taken too much time getting changed at the house.

'I hope he didn't go home already,' she thought, walking across the room toward the main shop. As she stepped through the doorway into the front area, she was shocked to see Anya stripping someone she assumed was Xander at the shop entrance.

"Oh...uh, excuse me guys. Didn't mean to interrupt. Is Giles still..." then she recognized the half naked man Anya had her ex-demony paws all over. Anya glanced back and smiled at Buffy then quickly returned to undressing her boss whose head was still wrapped up in his wet shirt. Giles peeked out from under the material and sighed with embarrassment.

"Anya...I think I can manage the rest." Giles mumbled, eager to be free of the irritating situation. Anya finally tore the sweatshirt from his head and laid it with his coat.

"Stay right there...I'll be right back with some towels." She started to walk toward Buffy and stopped in her tracks at the rage burning in the Slayer's eyes.

"What the fuck is going on here?" Buffy's raised voice made Giles jump.

"Giles came in all..."

"No Anya...you don't need to answer that," Giles interrupted, aggravated by Buffy's sudden interest in him. "What do you think is going on here, Buffy? I mean...what does it matter." He took a few steps into the shop, and stood there in center of the darkened space, anger set deep in his stare.

"Giles...you're messing up..."

"Anya, please go," Giles tried to sound calm but came off harsh. He had no patience for anyone tonight; especially two particularly ill-mannered and disrespectful young women who were suppose to be his employees of sorts.

"Um...yeah," Anya finally felt the tension in the room and hurried over to grab her coat and ran back to the door. "...you two need to be alone."

Giles took a deep cleansing breath as Anya shut the door behind her. 'One down.'

"Not two hours ago, you and I were all steamy and melting all over each other and now I walk in on you and...and Anya. Of all the women..."

"Not one thing was going on here!" Giles insisted as he stepped up to Buffy. "And I can't see how it should bother you anyway. Seeing as how you fled in horror at the mere mention of any feelings for me. Dashing off to cry on some friend's shoulder over what a big mistake it was and how you didn't really..." he paused as he felt a lump in this throat. He'd never realized how much he'd crave to hear those words, for her admit she love him. Then to have those lovely words retracted, dismissed as an impulsive error. It was too much for him to bear. He had to end this emotional roller coaster once and for all.

"I'm tired Buffy," his eyes pleaded for serenity. "Of all this...of...of you." He moved past her with a lowered head, knowing the powerful hurt that comment would register in her and not wanting to see the pained expression in her eyes. He staggered to the training room, listening for a response from the young lady who he'd given up everything for.

"What friend?" She turned around, asking coldly.

"What?" Giles didn't look at her; he made his way to the weapons cabinet.

"You said I cried on some friends shoulder. Who?" Buffy followed him into the room and stood at the door.

Giles took a towel out from the cabinet and pressed it to his face, wincing at the sting of the many cuts and bruises adorning his features. "What does it matter now?"

"It matters cause it isn't true. It was Spike...wasn't it?" Buffy felt her anger boiling in her once again; that Giles would believe that vampire after all he's done.

Giles slowly turned around and looked into Buffy's eyes. She was right; he'd been duped again.

"God, Giles! For someone who prides himself on his extensive knowledge and thorough researching, you are so stupid!" She stepped forward, walking into a beam of light streaming in from a streetlight outside. "Spike lied. God only knows why...probably for kicks. He's evil." She took a few more steps forward, watching Giles eyes shimmer in the dim light. "I'm good. What will it take for you to believe me?"

"What are you saying?" Giles jaw clenched under the strain of doubt he still held on to. He had been his own worst enemy, not Spike. He couldn't believe this extraordinary young woman; this hero could love someone like him. Spike just fed the flames of doubt already strong within him. Even now, he had to hear her speak the words. His eyes focused on hers, searching for her feelings, searching for the truth.

Buffy failed to understand why he couldn't believe her. But she didn't really know her own feelings until he drew them from her, forcing the raw emotion to surface in a moment of passion. Now he stood before her, a wounded man, physically and emotionally. All she had to do was tell him...say those magical words he wanted to hear.
Admit the love she had for this man, reveal her heart, it was hard.

"Giles...I-I love you." She'd done it. It was finally out there and it felt good. She moved closer to him, now noticing the various cuts and bruises marring his skin. Her eyes glimpsed an odd burn mark in the center of his chest and she looked up at him concerned.
"Ouch! When did this..."

Giles stopped her words with gentle fingers along her lips.
"It doesn't matter...I can't feel a thing...only you," he leaned down and cupped her chin in his rough hand. "I love you."

Buffy smiled at the contentment he had in his eyes. She leaned into his face and lightly kissed his bloodied lips, not wanting to hurt him. Giles wouldn't accept such a feathery touch; he pulled her into his body, wanting to feel her against him. It was the best medicine he could hope for. With his mouth tasting hers, he felt along her small frame, thanking the heavens for such a gift.

Buffy soon found her body yearning for more of him. His musky scent wakened her senses. Her hands explored his back, moving lower, wanting to discover his body. Clawing passionately at his butt, she rubbed her hip into his groin, enticing him to react to her ministrations. She felt his throbbing member against her hip and felt excitement that she was causing such a stir within him. She desired more, wanted to make him moan with pleasure, make him forget his injuries, make him scream in ecstasy...she'd owed it to him.

Buffy slipped her hands into his sweat pants and groped at his caged passion with uncompromising fervor. Giles moaned longingly into her mouth at her unrelenting grip. The pulsating stiffness of his cock made her moist with lust. She couldn't stand the thought of not tasting him. Buffy shuffled him over to the gym padding, her lips never leaving his until they'd reached their destination.

Giles let Buffy direct the erotic dance, wanting to see how much she wanted him, how far she would allow him to go. He never expected her to strip him bare, tearing the clothes from him with a menacing growl. Buffy's eyes examined his body with a thirst for knowledge he'd never known the Slayer to display before. She knelt down and kissed along his abdomen, licking his navel and moving ever so close to a region Giles knew he'd loose all control over if she continued her attentions. He watched as she delicately wrapped her fingers under his cock and brushed her lips along the moistened head. It was the most sensual sight he'd ever seen, the most breathtaking beauty he'd ever known. His mind shut down as Buffy's lips encircled his member and began to glide along its length. Her tongue tortured him with strokes that made his flesh pulse with electricity.

Buffy smiled at the pleasure she'd spread across the features of her lover, her Giles. She marveled at the beauty of his body under the thrall of her treatment. His fingers reached for her, pleading for her to return to him, to kiss him. She obliged after teasing him with some well-placed nibbles. He groaned and hungrily pulled her to his lips, tasting the lingering flavor of him on her tongue and enjoying it. He rolled her over and covered her with his hot form. As he savored her mouth, he began to remove her clothes. Buffy helped him hurry the process along by unbuttoning her jeans and kicking her shoes off as he slid her top over her head. Giles paused to take in the spectacle of her beauty, admiring her flushed cheeks and inviting skin. He slipped his fingers under her jeans, under the elastic band of her underwear and Buffy knew he was going to return the favor she bestowed on him. He pulled the clothes down her legs, kissing her knee as he slipped the articles over her small feet. Buffy closed her eyes expectantly as Giles hands caressed up her calves, over her knees and his thumbs gently separated her thighs. She didn't know what to do; no one she'd ever been with ever gave her this type of attention. Giles saw the tension in her face and covered her bare body with his, letting her feel the heat between them, giving her a moment to catch her breath. He kissed her tenderly, moving his soft lips along her chin and down her neck. Buffy's heart raced with every touch. Giles lips ran along her breasts and gently nibbled at her nipples as his fingers began to stroke between her thighs, inching closer to her moist center. The tension she'd felt was gone as his gentle fingers slowly rubbed along her folds, charming her into wanting more, experiencing him, feeling his tongue in her. Before she'd realized it, he was feasting on her, driving his tongue deep within her and licking every bit of flesh. Buffy moaned under his gestures, hips uncontrollably thrusting up to meet his welcoming lips, his delightfully engaging tongue.

"Giles...please..." she could barely speak; her mouth was so dry from gasping with bliss. She smiled as Giles reappeared over her. Buffy drew his mouth to hers, wanting to thank him for the new experience and see the beautiful face which could drive her to such pleasure. He pulled back and stared deeply into her eyes, not having to speak a word, she knew they were destined.

Buffy felt Giles glide into her and gasped at the fullness of his touch, the sensation of completion having him join within her. They were one soul, never again to be parted. She guided his hips away, wanting to feel the sensation of him entering her again. Giles thrust forward and closed his eyes, concentrating on yielding his urge to quicken the pace. Buffy smiled and guided him to drive back into her, pulling and pushing at his hips, rocking with an increasing rhythm. He felt so good, so right, she never wanted to be separate from him. His body radiated with a savory heat as he worked to bring her to her orgasm, plunging into her warn core with unbridled fervor. She was so close; she knew she was going to explode and wanted him to join her in the moment. Wrapping her legs behind him, she lifted to him with each thrust, driving him deeper, feeling the throbbing of him as he reached toward his climax. They moaned together as they arrived, spilling into one another with uncompromising love, their bodies rejoicing in their union.

The new lovers lay motionless, not wanting to interrupt the serenity they'd brought upon each other. Buffy stared up at Giles who smiled warmly, contently. His fingers delicately traced along her lips. She wrapped her fingers around his hand and kissed it. Giles rolled to her side and pulled her to him, embracing her with his strong, protective arms.

"Now do you believe me?" Buffy teased, kissing his chin.

Giles rolled his eyes and grinned at his little joker. He brushed a strand of hair from her face and shook his head.

"Not yet. Perhaps you need to tell me again," he whispered.

Buffy's face grew serious as she stared into his stunningly green eyes. "I love you Giles."

"I love you Buffy." He pulled her head to his neck and held her tight, enjoying the sensation of her breath on his skin. They drifted off to sleep, not a care in the world.

Xander opened the back door to the Magic Box and peeked in.

"Are they in there?" Dawn asked.

Xander's gaze fell on the nude couple sleeping in each other's arms on the gym pads and he looked away in embarrassment. This quickly faded and an odd feeling of relief came over him, they were together. That's what mattered, their happiness.

"They're in there...aren't they? Should we tell them Spike lied?" Dawn was growing impatient.

Xander shut the door and looked at Dawn. "I think they figure it out for themselves," he smiled. "Come on, let's go get some mochas...my treat."

The End.