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ficlets ~ The shorter ones.

ABH (F/G, FRAO, May 2004) A Watcher and a Slayer part ways.
As They Danced (B/G FRM, May, 2004) Written for an angstathon, this is a re-telling of the events of the prom. Tissue warning.
Burying Yesterday (B/G, FRT, December 2003) New Years causes reflections of a Slayer's relationship to her Watcher.
But Soft! (D/E, FRT, Feb 2008) Valentine's Day and Dawn is bored to death of working in the new Council Library. Lucky for her Ethan gives a surprise visit and has a shocking proposition. *NEW*
Death By (FRT, May 2005) A campy, satirical take on a pitiful death. Not great.
Don't Touch That Dial (B/G, FRM,Dec. 2002) Embarrassing moments are made of these.
Do Unto Others (B/G, FRT, Dec. 2002) Snugglies and cuteness. What got into me?
Fade (B/G, FRT, April 2003) A moody little piece. Rupert Giles gets a visitor.
Forgive (Horror, FRAO, October 2005) This year's Halloween promises to be Giles last, courtesy of a demented Ethan Rayne.
IMpossible (E/B, FRM, 2004) Two strangers chat over the internet.
Insurgence (G/B, G/E, FRAO, July, 2004) A 'what if' of post season four where Adam won and the cheesman never cometh.
Not So Alone (FRM,? 2005) A graphic inspired drabble/ficlet of Giles last moments.
Old As Dirt and Just as Filthy (D/E, FRAO, July 2004) Dawn reflects on her first time. A retelling of the unknown events of the episode 'Empty Places' in season seven.
Reaching Out (FRT, May 2004) Giles receives a phone call from an old friend. Buffy can't help but watch.
Splinters (FRT, September 2005) Buffy's 18th birthday. A relationship forever changed.
So-Called Chaos ( B/E, FRAO, June, 2004) Buffy needs a break from the realities of life. Relief comes in the form of a certain Chaos sorcerer.'
Thanks (No Pairing, FRT, 2003) Dawn and Giles share a moment during season seven.
Vinyl (No Pairing, FRT, 2004) Someone sees Giles through his music.
Voices in Blue (B/G, FRM, December 2003) Christmas Eve and Buffy and Giles are patrolling... amongst other things.
A Wicked Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste (B/G, X/G, W/G, FRAO, May 2004 )The Scooby gang is finding it hard to concentrate. I wonder why? My first attempt at slash.

novelettes ~ Multi-part short fic and the lengthy series (some of which are quite long).

Careful What You Ask For (B/G, FRAO, Oct. 2002) A Halloweeny fic.
Change of Pace (B/G, FRAO, Aug. 2002) This one still gives me grief, continually generating emails to finally do the sequel. I do like it quite a lot. A humorous answer to a challenge with B/G smoochiness.
Conversations (B/G, FRAO, Nov. 2002) My attempt at making Giles evil... as in Hannibal Lecter evil. Even then you can see my interest in Ethan.
Duty of Dust ~ The Crow (No pairing, FRAO, 2006) A very dark and disturbing tale of vengeance and friendship. Work In Progress. *New*
Evil Deadening (Giles/Ash, slash, FRAO, 2005) A BtVS/Evil Dead crossover. What's a Watcher to do when an upstart demon slayer catches his eye? Work In Progress.
Faith Healing (Faith/Ethan, FRAO, 2006) Faith sets out to find a new life in the deep south only to find more than she bargained for when she discovers a sorcerer posing as a faith healer. Work In Progress. *New*
Games in the Dark (B/G, FRM, Feb. 2003) What to do when the power goes out.
and it's horrid sequel...
Cold Front (B/G, FRAO, April, 2003) Why I don't particularly care for sequels.
The Gift Revisited (B/G, FRAO, March 2003) Alternate B/G telling of Joss' wonderful season five ender, 'The Gift'.
Greater Good (B/G, FRAO, 2003) A rewrite of Buffy season seven. What would have happened had Spike decided to take revenge on Giles' betrayal? A angst-fest tale of violence, regret, changing relationships and forgiveness. This is my epic, responsible for giving me my reputation for ansgt. It's also had the most acclaim though I feel it's a prime example of my evolving writing style.
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ImMortal (B/G, FRAO, 2004) The ongoing tale of vampire Rupert Giles and Slayer Buffy Summer's struggle to adjust to a new life away from the Hellmouth and in the wild world of LA's Wolfram and Hart. An rewrite of Angel season 5. Work In Progress.
The Interludes: Dawn & Ethan (D/E, Mostly FRAO, 2005) Pure smut for smuts sake. This is a ongoing series of one-shots of my guilty pleasure coupling. If you get squicked easily, avoid this series like the plague.
Work In Progress. 123
Letting Go (B/G, FRT, Oct. 2002) My attempt to make the audience sob uncontrollably. Though it isn't an actual shipping fic, it does show the deep relationship between Buffy and Giles.
Naked Quartet (B/G. FRT, Sept 2004) An accindental walk in on a sleeping, naked Giles uncovers more than just skin for the Slayer.
Playing Dead (G/E, FRAO, Oct 2004) When a certain Watcher turned vampire enlists the aid of an old friend, they both get more than they bargained for. A dark, quirky and violent tale of transformation.
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full fic pdf or full Word format
Prisoners (Buffy/Giles, FRAO eventually, 2006) When Buffy starts to crack under the pressure of imprisonment, Giles takes drastic measures to win her freedom. *New*
Regarding Rupert (G/B, friendship mostly, FRM, 2005) One man’s battle to return to the man he was while accepting the man he’s become.
Timing is Everything (B/G July 2002) My first ever fic and man does it show. Angst galore!  
Triangle (B/E, eventually G/B/E, FRAO, Aug. 2007) Buffy and Giles relationship is left rocky post break up so Giles sends Buffy on a mandatory cruise to play chaperone to the Councils newest employee, Ethan Rayne. Much snark and smut ensues. Work in progress. *NEW*
Tipping the Scales (B/G, FRAO, July 2003) Another favorite for awkward situations and humor. 
Warning Signs (B/G, FRAO, Nov. 2002) Not very inspired answer to a challenge. Riley-bashing and badly written Spike abounds.
Watcher's Keeper (B/G, FRAO, July. 2004) When Rupert Giles new occupation has made him a target in the world of demon politics, a familiar associate becomes his bodyguard and makes them both face their past, present and future.
full fic pdf
The Watcher That Never Was (B/G, FRAO, Jan. 2003) One of my early favorites, though I don't have a clue why. What if Giles never became a Watcher? And see my budding Ethan love.
Where to Begin and End? (B/G Jan. 2003) Artsy piece and alternate take on seasons 3 through early six.

the bad ones. Honestly... read only if you wanna waste your time!

Bitter End (B/G, FRM, angsty, Oct. 2002) My pitiful attempt to write severe angst and torment the audience. I've gotten much better at it since then.
Special (B/G, FRM, Sep. 2002) I just can't explain why I don't care for this one. Overwritten Giles, perhaps.