Challenge fic: Tipping the Scales part 2/2

Before Buffy could react, their lips touched and her concern dissolved with the tenderness of his mouth to hers. The unassuming contact and gentle pressure of his sleek skin sent her heart soaring. The kiss began as a modest joining, two sets of lips meeting in reciprocated approval but then the undeniable sparks erupted and the reserved little kiss deepened.

Giles pressed confidently against her, pinching her bottom lip between his with increasing insistence until she spread her lips to invite him in and he accepted the invitation with an eager tongue. She drew her hands up along his arm, tickling across his shoulder and down his torso and stomach, finally coming to rest on his thigh, unconsciously creeping closer to his pulsing flesh.

“I don’t know how this happened…” Giles sighed and kissed her chin, “I can’t even imagine what brought us to this…” he kissed her delicate nose. “…but I do know that it’s more than I’ve ever wanted, more than I could ever have hoped for. And if you’ll permit me the chance, I’ll spend the rest of our days together proving just how much I love you,” Giles nuzzled to her soft cheek and whispered gently into her ear. “And I do love you, Buffy; with all of my heart.”

Buffy’s eyes glistened over with tears and she muffled a subtle sob at his adoring words. “I love you, Giles.”

She pulled his face to hers; claiming him once again in a passionate kiss. Giles smiled in delight as she pressed her pouted lips to his awaiting mouth. In the most bizarre and unlikely of circumstances, they’d finally discovered their feelings for one another and for the first time in his life, he knew unequivocally that they were meant to be.

With a gentle nudge of his hand, he guided her to lie back on the bed as he brought his feverish body closer to her, guardedly blanketing her trembling leg with his muscular thigh. The heat of his flesh awoke her senses and the simple cologne of his arousal made her moist with anticipation of what was to come. Giles’ leg moved farther, compelling her powerful legs to spread apart with their gentle coaxing. She gave in to his mild direction, focusing her attentions to every fold of his lips, every pore of his skin as his fingers traced down her neck, traveling along until they cupped her breasts with a possessive grip. The texture of his rough fingertips against her hypersensitive skin sent waves of sensual tingles down her stomach and through her legs. Then, with the sultry embrace of his mouth to her peaking nipple, she felt an uncontainable heat radiate from within her. The smooth edges of his nails clawed gingerly along her skin as his hand slipped between her legs, combing through her dewing curls, teasing her with feather-light brushes moving just shy of the destination she’d longed for.

Buffy reached out for him, blindly searching for anything she could, anything that could distract her from the swelling hum overtaking her. She wanted so badly to be touching him, to be bringing such pleasure to him as he was to her but Giles commanded all her concentration to remain on her. Every attempt at a passing touch only spurned him on further as his tongue glided along her nipples and down her abdomen. With an involuntary grasp of his pulsing flesh, he growled his approval and slipped a thick, demanding finger deep within her, drawing out an exasperated gasp of pleasure as he withdrew it in a maddeningly slow stroke. He watched amorously as Buffy tried to catch her breath and regain some control but he struck again, not allowing her a moment’s peace, diving in again and again, and then with two potent digits exploring her inner most flesh. The pace quickened and she heard her tissues screaming to feel him thrusting slickly into her. Another plunge, spreading his fingers wide as he withdrew, reaching parts of her she never new existed with his attentive touch and her head fell back in frustrated desire.

Buffy’s lustful groan brought a satisfied smile to his parched lips, she was out of control and it excited him to no end. He craved more of her desire, eager to see her let go of the passion she’d hidden from him for years. For once, he felt in complete control, until her slight hold of his throbbing cock suddenly tightened out of desperation for release. Giles felt his body spasm with the firm grip, and as her hand glided along his stiffening shaft, his head fell to her chest, letting out a carnal roar to her dimpling skin.

“Harder…” he growled, almost involuntarily.

“Yes… harder…” Buffy smiled with satisfaction as he finally revealed his exhilaration.

She’d been with other men of course, but Giles’ was truly an adventure. His captivating penis was an exciting mystery to her, a unique encounter she’d never dreamed of. She caressed the hot, thick shaft, rubbing her fingertips along the fascinating foreskin as it worked with her, drawing out groans of approval with every rub. It was even more invigorating than the attention he’d doted upon her. “Can I…” she blushed shyly.

“Anything…” he panted as she stroked along his pounding member.

“I’d like to… I want to taste you, Giles,” she said timidly, almost asking for permission to take such liberties.

Giles eyes glossed over with the request and Buffy had her answer without him ever speaking a word. He held his breath, watching with pure wonder as his Slayer slid her small body along his, placing pecking kisses down his neck, trailing down his chest and along his tensing stomach. She twisted her body around, slipping her feet up closer to his face as her gaze settled on his awaiting flesh. With a sinful smile, Buffy slowly massaged his ample cock, drawing out his silken tip with a playful finger until she was rewarded with a glistening droplet. And in the most sensual scene he’d ever witnessed, Buffy’s pinkish tongue dabbed at the drop, relishing it with an intensity he’d never expect.

She stroked the length of him, feeling every cell react to her touch and smiled at the effect she had on him.

He watched with bated breath as Buffy took him shallowly into her pouted lips and suckled him as if he was one of his candies, her eyes closing in superb concentration to bring him to the edge of ecstasy. Her tongue curled and prodded along his rippling flesh, bathing him in her hot mouth and he was utterly lost to the world with every motion. Then, when he thought he couldn’t take any more of her generous interest and was going to burst, she took him in deeper, reaching to claim as much of him as she could. Her nails tickled his inner thighs, dancing and scratching along his skin to reach every private inch of pulsing flesh.

A well placed glide, low and deep along the base of his shaft and Giles lost control, letting out an impatient primal rumbled as he grabbed for her, dragging her body closer to him and she paused her activity to see what he was going to do. Before she had a chance to object to the interruption, she felt his rabid tongue enter her, savoring her and she felt a gush of abandoned pleasure. Giles ravished attention on her plump folds, rubbing and enticing her desire with lavish laps. She was completely his for the taking and he knew it, teasing her flesh with his inquisitive fingers as his tongue licked along her glistening creases. His savage licks intensified and she felt the swelling tremble of her orgasm creeping up to take hold. He must have sensed her urgency because he delved even deeper with his thick fingers, rubbing and rubbing to reach her humming core. With a luscious inner stroke, she let loose, screaming out his name in bliss as she poured out her soul to him.

The taste of her filled his mouth, drenching him with the juices of her arousal and he drank her in as she gasped his name with cries of gratitude. The flavor of her delight brought him to the verge of release and he shifted over her to finally take his rightful place within her loving embrace.

“Buffy… I love you…” he kissed her parched lips and she panted with his touch.

“I love you, Giles. I love you with all my…”

He sank deep within her and she threw her head back, gasping at the pure girth of his entry. She could feel his pulsing member singing against her as it sought out its home deep within her flesh. He kissed her gasping mouth as he drew himself out and then plunged to even greater depths with a defining dive. Soon, he followed his own rhythm, driving and withdrawing in deliberately wandering strokes, rubbing and prodding new areas that cried out for attention inside of her tingling skin. His breaths became gasps, and then grew to hurried moans and soon his body warned him of the flood of elation ready to seize his tensing frame. With a slick retreat and a powerful thrust, he spilled every ounce of himself into her, filling her with his sticky, hot seed and Buffy smiled at the pleasure he’d discovered. She’d never seen such pure bliss donning his kindly features; she loved that she could give it to him.

His movement slowed and his body relaxed, dropping across hers with a gentle sigh. And in the quiet moment, they listened to the hushed sounds of their beating hearts lying mere inches from one another.

Buffy ran her fingers through the sweaty curls framing his forehead, relishing his boyish smile as he fought off the imminent sleep claiming his tired body. After all these years, after all the torment and struggle, she’d finally found her heart and she was determined never to let him go.

“I love you,” she whispered as a hearty breath sounded his escape into sleep and she followed him into a peaceful rest.

“Why do you watch them, my boy? Why do this to yourself?”

“Cause I did that,” he whimpered. “I gave her up and I want to remember it.”

“Seems they may be winding down now, enjoying a quiet moment together.”

“I’d say that’s a wrap, mate,” Spike smiled haughtily at his unearthly associate, trying to mask his disappointment with their coupling. Though it stabbed at him like the wooden stake he’d always expected from her, Spike couldn’t help watching the passionate lovemaking of the Slayer and her Watcher. Much like any casualty vampire, the drama was like witnessing train wreck, but worse due to him being the cause for such a disaster. All he could do was look on as the woman he loved more than his own life gave herself willingly to the very man that had betrayed him. But then again, turn around is fair play and it was to be expected from someone Spike had tried to kill on more than one occasion.

“They do seem… um, united. I think the powers just might be pleased enough to make their decision.” The older gentleman nodded his appreciation as the duo of spirits watched on.

“United? That’s serious bumpin’ uglies, that is. Watcherman’s never known stamina like the bundle she’s got wound up all hot ‘n tight in that deceptively small package. She’s the real demon in the sack, mate.”

“In any case, the Chosen One has found her life-mate. The love starved pair have overcome the extreme odds blocking their intended paths.” The gentle smile of the old man made Spike feel more at ease with the situation.

“So… to business,” Spike changed the subject. “The perilously balanced scales are finally tipping toward cloud nine then, rather than due south?”

“A bit questionable in techniques… possessing poor Willow and Xander, using them to set up the honeymoon suite and all. The powers frown on such reckless invasions.”

“Oh no you don’t! You said we had one bloody night, remember? With all the ‘dire consequences’ and ‘untold suffering’ talk, I figured this called for some questionable techniques. Didn’t really give me much choice but to body snatch the Scooby cronies. Needed to be tangible to dress the scene. How else could I ransack the room, make it all messy sexy? Besides, you said they wouldn’t remember a speck of it. Where’s the harm?”

“Their will was not their own. But, I can’t argue with results. I’d have to say you’ve done what we required, my boy.”

“Damn straight!”

“You should be proud. You’ve managed to draw together two wounded souls that have avoided convergence with every instance granted to them.”

“Proud?” Spike snickered. “I love her, you ponce! And in order to spare myself from eternal damnation, I’m blackmailed into…”

“Bringing her into the rightful arms of her true love.”

“Fuck that! She was meant to be with me… or at least I wanted her to be.” Spike waved a dismissing hand. “Well, at least she’s not with that bleedin’ poof, Angel.”

“Doesn’t seeing them together make it all worth while? Look at her… face glowing as if the new day was dawning just for them. They’re destined, William. And you made it possible; you helped their destinies right themselves.”

“She really does look happy, doesn’t she? Never smiled like that with me…” Spike swallowed hard. “I do love her, you know.”

“And it’s a testament to that love… what you did, though foully constructed, brought them together. It’s nothing shy of a miracle and you will be well rewarded, my friend.”

“I better be!” Spike sneered. “Better give me heavens best penthouse suite, inexhaustible honor-bar, infinite supply of smokes, and lots of the hard stuff.”

“What’s your preferred poison then?” The vampire’s guide wrapped a friendly arm around his shoulder and started leading him to the luminous gateway opening behind them.

“Used to be tequila, until a certain Watcher turned me onto single malt. Oh, and I’ve got a taste for Pepsi. Buffy used to drink that diet crap but I prefer the more syrupy, melt your fangs breed of soda.” Spike grinned and allowed the elderly gentleman to guide him along. “Where to now? Is there some sort of check-in or something? Red tape and paper work?”

“Nothing of the kind. We’re well on our way now,” he smiled. “Oh, sorry…almost forgot. We have to make a stop in Hoboken, New Jersey.”

“What for?”

“Seems a former vengeance demon of your acquaintance has also fulfilled her final act of repentance.”

“Anya?” Spike’s brow creased mournfully at the news. “She didn’t make it?”

“Afraid not, my boy,” the guide offered a gentle expression of regret. “With centuries of punishing the male populace, she had much to answer for. But she fought bravely, saving the one she battled beside, earning her a chance for a trip uptown as well.”

“So what was her gig?”

“The powers crafted a proper task befitting someone who tormented the masculine sect, the reuniting of a same-sex couple who’d strayed apart. Lovely boys. Had a bit of a squabble over some petty thing. Who’d a thought they’d wind up princes?”

“Anya’s never been strong in the relationship arena, or with tact for that matter. Must of been a bit o’ fun,” Spike snickered.

“Stumbled through a bit, but she succeeded. Much like you did, with clumsy luck and sharp thinking.”

“It is our way,” Spike grinned. “The way of the hopelessly clueless…” With one final glance back at the loving couple, he asked, “Will they be ok?”

His kindly companion offered a genuine smile. “Thanks to you, they will.”

Spike said his silent goodbye and watched Buffy and Giles fall fast asleep safely within each others arms. “Right then, let’s move on!” They walked into the shimmering rift. “Hey…by chance, do you get HBO up there?”

“When did we book the honeymoon suite?” Xander asked Willow as they moved hurriedly along the seemingly never-ending hotel corridor.

“I don’t remember. Giles is gonna kill us,” Willow answered nervously. “He might forgive the occasional soda or souvenir coffee mug, but a freakin’ room?”

“I say we don’t’ sweat it and just enjoy it!” Dawn suggested as she skipped excitedly down the hall. “Never stayed in a honeymoon suite before, has to be romantic!”

“Vegas and romance… not likely bed-fellows, Dawnie,” Xander said and caught a glimpse of the door number they were searching for. “There… that’s the one.”

“Do not disturb?” Willow pointed to the plastic message hanging from the doorknob. “Wha…what does that mean?”

“Just a guess, Will… but it might mean do not disturb…” Xander slipped the key card in the black box beside the door and the red light flashed and beeped as the lock sounded.

“Come on… come on…” Dawn pushed the door open and bounded enthusiastically inside the room. Xander and Willow followed behind, smiling at their younger companion’s adventurous spirit.

“Wow… this is really…” Dawn twirled around a few times to take in the stunning essence of the décor. “This is just…”

“Tacky!” Willow finished.

“Like carpet glue!” Xander agreed.

Dawn caught a glimpse of the open double doors leading into the bedroom and smiled. “Hey… the bed’s not made yet. That just gross. Who knows what we’ll find…”

All three stopped cold when they saw the bulging forms shift underneath the fluffy red comforter.

“Omigod…omigod…” Dawn squeaked quietly. “There’s someone still in there.”

They shuffled forward, stepping quietly up the two steps leading to the bedroom entryway. As they reached the archway, Xander, Willow and Dawn all gasped at the unbelievable sight laid out before them.

Slayer Buffy Summers and Watcher Rupert Giles were completely nude, sleeping lovingly within each others arms, cuddling and nuzzling without a care in the world. The shocked threesome stood motionless as they struggled to comprehend the strange scene.
After a silent moment, Willow and Xander looked to each other for some explanation. Neither offered up any answers, then remembered Dawn was with them and they turned to the younger Summers, expecting to see her panicking with a serious case of the ewwwws. Dawn’s face was unreadable as she stared at the odd couple sharing intimate company in the unfortunate choice for rooms.

“YES!” Dawn bellowed out in an enthusiastic holler. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Buffy and Giles sprang upright and as Dawn continued her celebration, dancing and spinning wildly around the room in an elated frenzy as Xander and Willow tried to decipher her unanticipated reaction.

“Bloody hell…” Giles hastily covered him and Buffy up and Dawn rushed back to the door.

“NO! Stay right there!” she ordered, slowly closing the double doors. “Don’t you move! That’s and order.” She directed a commanding finger to them both and giggled gleefully.
Giles and Buffy watched the doors close as Xander and Willow’s bewildered faces were shut out from them. After an awkward instant, Giles turned to Buffy and she offered a sly grin.

“I think Dawn approves,” Giles said softly.

“You think?” Buffy teased.

The End.