ImMortal part 19: Into the Fire

WARNING: This part is VERY, VERY, VERY, DARK!!! For those who would prefer to avoid uncomfortable material, you may want to skip over this part.

Buffy stood at the small window, staring out and waiting. The moonlit lake seemed so peaceful, only a stones throw down the tree speckled hillside from the cabin. She watched as the dark silhouettes of Willow, Xander, and Anya set up around a campfire burning near the waters edge. Illyria stood nearby but separate, not participating but appearing to keep watch. The sky was remarkably clear, stars of endless shapes and sizes brilliantly gleamed off the water below. It was as perfect a setting as any she could hope for if only under different circumstances.

“Losing him is the only way to find him, child.” The words of her mysterious sponsor echoed in her mind. “And with the sacrifice of blood and soul, the suffering will be gifted with life. The birth of the Chosen’s child will set the line anew and the world will have its champion once again.”

She took a sip of her juice box and watched the sleeping man a few feet away. It had been hours since he’d drank the cursed scotch. Anya said the effects should remain consistent as long as he didn’t get wise to the source. Hopefully he’d think nothing of it in his current condition.

With a spark and tingle, the tone in the room suddenly shifted. A rich, warm, light poured through the window as night was miraculously turned to day. Not only day but a lush, flower perfumed, summer day. Buffy looked outside to see the mask falling into place around the gang. Willow’s concentrating expression lit up with the crafted illumination as a wave of energies washed over to paint a beautiful picture of tranquility and peace over the landscape. Seeing Xander look up towards the cabin, Buffy signaled with a wave that the glamour was working. It was time.

“You want to talk about it?” Cordy asked, shifting in her seat perched at the large window behind Angel’s desk.

“What’s there to talk about?” Angel sighed, the only pause in his brooding for over four hours.

“Oh, I don’t know. Let’s review, shall we?” Cordy ticked off each item with her fingers. “It’s obvious your little King of the Cup thing with you vs. the wicked librarian didn’t work out, the sudden death of Dawn and birth of a troubling time goddess Illyria, Giles having a ticket to ride the Dark Side Express, Giles murdering Gunn in cold blood, Buffy breaking said murderer out of here, the only place where he’s likely to get help from. And last but not least, the old Sunnydale crew skips town with a soon-to-be soulless demon, leaving you high and dry and feeling very much like the loser bad guy. How’s that for topics to choose from.”

“You forgot my leg hurts. I hate reviews.”

“Tough, I think we need to be clear on what’s at stake here.”

“Think I’m up to speed. Thanks.”

“Are you really? Look, I know I’m the last one to be calling foul here with my soap opera history but this is looking bad. It looks like Buffy’s switching sides.”

“There are no sides.”

“Beg to differ, big guy.”

“She’s just doing what she thinks is best for Giles and for her child. Buffy would never go bad.”

“Who said anything about Buffy going bad? Maybe we’re the ones who jumped the righteous ship. I mean, come on Angel… we’re in the belly of the beast.”

“We’re doing good here, Cordy. We’ve done more in our time here than…”

“Blah, blah, blah, and more bad than ever.” She shook her head. “I’m getting pretty used to playing little miss sideline at this point. So much so, I decided to try and catch up. I took a long hard look at Gunn’s files. Not just the pretty wins but the gritty losses and it doesn’t take a wizard upgrade in the lawyerly brain department to see the grey getting way too black around here. There was bad going down here… *is* going down here. Maybe Buffy in all her Slayer superpower virtue knew it. Maybe that’s why they had to get out of here and maybe we ought to too.”

Wes rushed through Angel’s office door with Fred in tow. “We have a lock. It’s weak but stationary.”

Angel jumped to his feet as the entire gang marched out into the lobby.

“So they stopped running?” Cordy asked.

“We think so.” Fred answered.


“Oddly enough, the site of California’s youngest and strangest unnatural geological formation,” Wes shrugged.

“Hellmouth, here we come,” Lorne sang.

“I don’t like this. Someone should be in there?” Willow said anxiously.

“I volunteered but Buffy didn’t seem to like the idea,” Anya shrugged.

“I’m thinking an audience is the last thing Buffy wants when trying to seduce Giles.” Xander shrugged and with a shy smirk, admitted quietly, “I volunteered, too.”

“If Giles has sex with Buffy, he’ll lose his soul? As curses go, that’s not all that bad. Color me impressed. If I ever get back into vengeance…”

“It’s more complicated than that, Anya. He has to achieve a moment of perfect happiness. Who knows what that could be for Giles?”

“Orgasm,” Anya blurted out. “It’s really not that complicated. All men like orgasms.”

“I think Giles might be a little deeper in the depth of character pool, Ahn.”

“You believe the youthful façade of this child, Dawn, will encourage the transition?” Illyria suggested, looking more like a rigid version of her former self.

“I’m sure it will help,” Willow said, her eyes nervously darting to and away from the goddess. “Just kinda freaking me out, seeing you looking like her.”

“Goes a long way into explaining Giles’ stir crazy cell behavior,” Xander said regretfully. “If this wacky ploy works, I owe him a ‘sorry I thought you were crazy’ ice cream cone.”

“Well, the glamour is active, even if we can’t see it. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to frolic a bit. Just in case he glances out the window.”

“I do not frolic,” Illyria argued.

“I’m not sensing anything,” Willow mumbled.

“Should you be?” Anya asked.

“I don’t know. When I re-souled both Angel and Giles, I felt the souls go through me. Guess I figured on the reverse in this case.”

“Your dependence on the mystical is disgraceful but not unexpected. A true warrior needs might, not magic.”

“Only magic can accomplish what we need to do here.”

“And that is why you will fail. This is an imprudent notion begging disaster for the Slayer. Her demon slave is turning on its master and deserves death for its treason.”

“I don’t get you,” Xander grumbled. “One second your bosom buddies with Giles and the next, ordering ‘off with his head’. Pick a side, will ya?”

“I know nothing of sides. My purpose here is not in friendship.”

“Then why are you here? Why are you even helping us?” Anya challenged.

“The Halfling requested I act as guardian in trade for his consultation.”

“Giles asked you to protect us, even from him and you just do it?”

“His faith in you is irrationally infinite, regarding you all worthy of acting as my guide in his stead if the need arises.”

“And you’re willing to take orders from one of us undeserving humans?” Xander concluded.

“I take orders from no being. The blood beast is my servant; I’m merely accommodating his undemanding requirements. To dispatch any threat born in this feeble land would be as effortless as breathing, if I required it.”

“I don’t buy it. I think you like him and just won’t admit it.”

“I grow weary of your sound. Silence.”

“You like him. It’s okay, if you hadn’t noticed, we’re all in the Giles fan club too, seeing as how we’re doing something incredibly risky in trying to put his pieces back together again.”

“I’ve become… accustomed to him. I find Giles not as irritating as other inhabitants…”

“You called him Giles,” Xander smiled, pleased with the personal slip of tongue.

“I did not.”

“You did.”

“You misinterpreted my meaning…”

“You like him.”

“I refuse to discuss this with a putrid mortal.”

“That’s good ‘cause I could use all your attention back over here now,” Willow suggested with some urgency as she continued to set up for the next spell. “Something just doesn’t feel right.”

“Care to expand on that?’ Xander asked.

“I would if I could. I guess we should just keep a keen watch for anything off.”

“Define off,” Anya prompted.

“I don’t know. Okay? I’m just… I just don’t know.” Willow’s face crinkled under the strain of worry.

“Okay then, weirdness watch it is,” Xander nodded with an easygoing smile.

“Well, at least Giles doesn’t have the dark magicks anymore so he can’t use that against her,” Anya offered optimistically. “So he’s just a vampire, right? Buffy deals with vampires all the time so facing off with one should be a breeze.”

The remark only spurred Willow into more worry and she hurried to mix the ingredients in the urn. “I’m starting the spell. Hopefully, when the deed is done, Buffy won’t have to deal with Mister Grrh any longer than… well, you know. Here we go.”

“Giles,” the gentle voice broke his dream. “Giles, time to get up.”

He responded with a disgruntled mumble and rolled onto his side, trying to escape the glowing light intruding through his closed eyelids.

“Come on you slacker wannabe, we had plans today. You better not pull out on me now,” it was Buffy’s voice, playful and sweet.

“What time is it?” he grumbled.

“Nearly noon, you’ve practically slept the day away.”

“Were we followed?”


“Were we followed in our escape?”

“Escape?” she giggled. “From what? You were having that nightmare about Traver’s again, weren’t you.”

“I’m in no mood for games, Buffy. Did Angel track us? Wolfram and Hart have a small army at there disposal, I’d be rather surprised if…” Giles went quiet when he felt the foreign warmth radiating along the skin of his hand. His eyes shot opened to see the shape of his silhouette shadowed along a sun drenched wall. In an instant, he darted from the bed, scampering into the only shadow he could find, the narrow patch cast from the bed.

“What’s wrong?” Buffy rushed to him. “What is it?”

“The sun… the light… it’s… it’s…” he rambled on in shock, staring confused at his unharmed skin.

“What about the light? I know you were never a devotee of sunny weather but this is a bit much, don’t ya think?”

“What’s happening?” He trembled uncontrollably, eyes searching his body for evidence of scorching.

“What do you mean? We’re roughing it, remember? It’s our little Scooby vacation in the wilderness with nothing to entertain us but each other.” Buffy gave him a stern look. “It was your idea to drag us out here. If you want to leave…”

“This isn’t right. This is… is wrong.”

“Giles, you’re starting to scare me.”

He lifted his hand and forcing a breath, reached out to touch the sunlight veil parting him from the rest of the room. To his amazement, there was no pain, no searing, only warmth. “My god, what’s happened to me?”

“Besides the temporary insanity, can you be more specific?”

“The sun… I should be smoldering.”

“Exaggerating much? I’ll admit it’s a bit warmer than I expected but…”

“This is insane. I’m a vampire. This isn’t possible.”

“Vampire?” Buffy burst out in laughter. “You’re not a vampire, Giles, you must have been dreaming again.”

“No… I… I am. I…”

“You big baby. Can a vampire do this?” With a playful tug, the Slayer pulled him into the full stream of sun. Panicked, he tried to pry free but she held fast. “Giles, look. You’re fine. It’s not hurting you. See?”

He stopped, eyes wide with confusion as he waited for the burn, the ache. But it never came. “I-I don’t understand.”

“Man, you must have had one of my Technicolor, prophetic nightmares or something to be all worked up like this.” She moved in close, caressing his awestruck face in trying to calm him. “You’re fine, Giles. It was all a dream. Just a dream.”

She reached for the glass at the bedside and offered it to him. “Here, drink this.”

Without a second thought, he gulped down the amber contents, shocked by the biting burn of the liquid.

“What was that?” he hissed.

“Scotch,” she smiled. “Is it that bad?”

“I didn’t expect…” his eyes went wide as a thought occurred to him. “Dawn? Where’s Dawn?”

“Great. You wake up from a nightmare where you’re a vampire and the first thing you want is Dawn. Should we be setting an appointment for couples therapy or what?”

“Where is she?” he gripped her arms, shaking her desperately. “Is she safe?”

“Depends on your definition of safe. She’s out by the lake with Willow, Xander and Anya. See for yourself.”

He stumbled over his feet in his frantic rush to the window. Sure enough, she stood at the waters edge, aimlessly tossing stones into the rippling blue.

“Dear lord,” Giles stifled a sob. “She’s alive?”

“For the moment. I think she’d quickly getting bored to death without her laptop and cell phone.”

“I don’t understand. It was real. It was all so… so sickeningly real.”

“As real as this?”

With a push, she sent him stumbling back onto the edge of the mattress. She moved to join him at the bed but chose instead to kneel at his feet, a smile playing along her lips. Her hand lifted to stroke his chest as she leaned in, parting his legs to allow her body to slip closer to his.

“We’re all safe, Giles. Dawn’s safe. You’re safe. Well… in a sense. Not from me.”

He went to stand only lose balance and spill back onto the edge of the bed, wobbling in his seat. Buffy’s hands pressed down on his thighs, encouraging him to remain there.

“Stay with me,” she said warmly as her hands slid gradually up his thighs, massaging the tension out, persuading him to stay.

“This can’t be right,” he shook his head, refusing to believe. “I don’t… this makes no sense, Buffy.”

“When have I ever made sense?” She smiled, leaning in to breathe a kiss along his lips.

Her fingers worked to win him over, some teasing along his chest, creeping beneath the bullet punctured fabric to comb through the thin curls of his chest hair. The others traveled up his thigh, ducking into the crevasse between his legs, seducing him. His eyes shut with the bold contact, taking the moment to register a touch he’d not felt for what seemed an eternity.

“It’s just you and me, together. We’ve earned this, Giles, please,” Buffy begged sweetly as her breath tickled along his lips.

“I don’t think…”

“Don’t think, Giles, feel.”

Her hand cupped his cheek, encouraging his nuzzles with tender caresses. Mercilessly, her roaming hand came to rest on his groin and began a rhythmic and sensual rub. A helpless moan escaped him as her provocative kneading intensified.

“We shouldn’t, Buffy.”

“We should and will.”

“The curse… we can’t be sure.”

“I want you so much,” she said in a kissing whisperer, tracing the tip of her tongue along his parted lips.

“I want you,” Giles whispered with instinctive kisses. His hands curved along her hips, halfheartedly holding her at bay.

“Then have me.”

She pushed through his defenses, rocking her hips into his firming arousal, demanding attention. Giles’ grip shifted from a defensive to an offensive one, guiding her against him as he feigned resistance.


Her hands dove between them, fumbling to unfasten his pants button then quickly ripped open the zipper. He stifled a groan as her hand buried within the tight confines of his jeans to free his impassioned flesh.

“I need you.” Buffy kissed him hard, lips suffocating his as her fingers curled around his shaft and began to pump, gentle yet intently building upon his erection. “Tell me you need me?”

“You know I do,” he growled, lips going from pressing to pinching, pinching to kissing. Soon, the chaste kiss deepened as his tongue met hers. It was a collision of intermingling flavors, sugary strawberry and the bite of scotch.

Buffy pushed back to capture a breath and could see the longing in Giles’ face. His eyes were dark and spellbound. His hungry mouth pursued hers as his ample cock shuddered expectantly in her persuasive hand. He claimed her mouth once again and it was good, so undeniably good, better than any dream that relentlessly haunted her. Time had sweetened his kiss and perfected his touch. For a moment, the goal was forgotten, lost within the sensual exchange of rediscovered sensation.

After a series of suckles and wrestling tongues, Giles felt her urge to withdraw and released her, allowing her the breaths he no longer required.

“This is a dream,” he said, nibbling absently along her chin and down her neck. “It has to be.”

“Touch me,” she ordered in a divine tone, driving his passions and his hips forward with insistent strokes. “Touch me deeper. Make me feel you again.”

Giles dutifully followed her command, unfastening the button to her jeans and pushing down the waistband to bare her rear. His fingers raked along her naked skin, greedy in their pursuit to conquer more. The fabric pooled around her knees as he guided the lacy mesh of her panties to join it.

Buffy stared into Giles’ eyes, watching flecks of yellow dance along the forest green, lit by the magical sunlight blanketing them. She swallowed down her fears and said a silent prayer to whatever deity was listening. There was no turning back now.

They kissed, a leisurely joining, slowing the frantic actions of moments before.

“Show me you love me,” she challenged as her fingers gripped his waistband, urging his jeans down inch by aching inch. He lifted himself slightly, awkwardly swaying as he semi-stood from off the bed. She encouraged him to stand fully, placing feathery pecks along his exposed thighs as she tugged the jeans down. With every kiss, she grew nearer to that place he hoped she’d bestow such attentions. Then, as the hot moisture of her ambitious mouth enveloped his shaft, he exhaled an uneven breathe as if to reward her with the sound of his surrender.

“Dear lord, you’re magnificent,” he praised as his hand fell to her shoulders to steady himself from the intoxication of her suckling. Firmly puckered lips banded snugly around his cock, finding a rowing tempo forward and back, forward and back. Her exquisite tongue snaked along the thick cord of nerve running the length beneath his shaft, straying off path to define every crease of him, leaving no bit untouched. There was no more worry, no more pain, only pleasure. She retreated for the briefest moment to capture a breath then returned with refreshed fervor, his selfless and ravishing beauty.

“Oh yes, Buffy, so good.” His swaying followed her rhythm, deepening her swallow with every rock.

“Harder,” Giles barely managed to choke out the request. His hand curled around the base of Buffy’s head, compelling her to take him deeper still. Clenching fingers seized her hair as the tang of his heady seed graced her tongue. But before she could react, he withdrew, wild-eyed and feverish.

“Not like this,” he muttered breathlessly and with a reckless motion, swept her up off her feet, swung around and gently laid her down to the mattress below. “You deserve to be worshipped.”

Buffy’s body flushed with arousal, conceding to the unmistakable sensuality of his voice. She watched longingly as Giles tore off the shredded remains of his shirt, discarding it to the floor. Potted scabs were the only evidence of the gunshot wounds he’d suffered hours earlier. His shapely chest gleamed with sweat as he stripped off his boots, socks and jeans, tossing them aimlessly aside one by one to finally focus intensely on her.

His eyes scanned her half-clothed form, eager to unwrap her. She moved to lift her shirt only to have his broad hands block her efforts, taking control to remove it with all the care he could. He slipped off her shoes and rolled off her socks, his actions smooth and calculated.

“I remember your touch like it was yesterday,” she admitted, sighing contently as his hands glided along her legs. He slowly shifted his body to join her on the bed as she continued to lure him in. “Every kiss, every caress, every finger…”

The thought vanished as she felt the thick girth of his thumb slip within her warmth and she melted around the delightful intrusion. Then began the subtlest of movement, achingly slow circles as he sank in to a shallow depth and retreated. He returned again, teasing his fingertip along her clit, promising more as he massaged along her slick folds.

“I remember as well. Every single taste,” he purred, settling between her legs. He lavished kisses along her inner thighs, inching closer to her awaiting arousal. She gasped with the first lap of his generous tongue, dipping in ever so slightly as his thumb parted her open to him.

With the first taste of her excitement, he craved more and inspired her to feed his craving with churning plunges of his twisting tongue. In seconds, Buffy was writhing in pleasure, crying for more as her hips bucked in tribute of his devoted licks.

“Giles, please… I need to see you, feel you… deeper,” she whimpered. Ignoring her pleas, he continued to fuck her with his adoring tongue, dexterous fingers, and potent thumb. “Oh God… Giles please!”

The sheer desperation in her cry was finally enough to draw his smiling face out from between her trembling legs. He drank in the sight of Buffy panting furiously and begging for him. It was glorious.

“Tell me again,” he whispered.

“I want you, Giles, please.”

He stalked up her body, pausing with a raised brow at her abdomen. Buffy lay restless, impatient for him until he rested his ear against her hot skin. After a moment, a look of awe came upon his face and his lips spread to a hopeful smile. She knew instantly what had inspired it.

“It’s entirely unreal, but we can have this, can’t we?” He asked it as if the very thought alone was a gift. “This life, this child…”

“We can. You’ve given me more than I could ever imagine.”

Her hand reached to hold his, sharing in the moment as he listened to the delicate heartbeat that would be inaudible to anyone but him. With a gentle kiss to her navel, he continued up her body, pausing to suckle on her breasts. Buffy’s back arched as tingles ran the length of her, triggered by his doting touch.

“Nothing in this world can match your beauty as you are now, glowing beneath me.”

With their eyes never leaving each other, Giles carefully positioned his eager flesh to dip within hers. And with a mild push, he sank inside, returning to that safe place that yearned for him. It was the warmth of her skin embracing him, the slick pulse of her flesh cherishing him, the bliss of her breath welcoming him home that nearly brought him to tears. But it was the kiss they shared with the intimate reunion that set them free.

Buffy’s fingers curved along the ridge of his hips, pulling him to her as she bucked softly, breaking the peace of the moment to encouraged movement. Giles obediently answered her request, rocking their locked bodies together. He held her to him, never withdrawing, simply stirring passions with the vibration of the transferred energy passing between them. The steady, carnal beat of his drumming radiated throughout her body, electrifying nerves with the delightful sensation.

“Oh… oh God, Giles, faster.”

The pace hastened. The friction of their skin grew slick with sweat. A sensual chorus of grunts and moans overwhelmed the slapping of muscled bodies. Giles' strong hands sought hers out. Once discovered, he laced their fingers together and brought their hands to rest on either side of her radiant face. Buffy steadied him as he pumped within her. Destined partners, they worked as one toward release.

Buffy’s body shuddered beneath him, her quaking flesh sending ripples of jubilation along his hardness. He was so close, bordering bliss and it took everything he was to hold back the tempest boiling within. Cradled there in her intimate embrace, he prayed the moment would last forever. But the all consuming fires raging under his skin couldn't be contained. With a muted roar, he let himself go.

One final plunge, diving so profoundly her breath was stolen from her, Buffy felt Giles' body set stiff against hers. His legs trembled with tension, his arms taut as his expression hardened with strain. It struck like lightning, a bolt of unbridled pleasure racking her body as her orgasm consumed her. There was a silent howl as they unraveled in their mutual climax, lost in the delight of their joined flesh.

Gradually, the euphoria began to wane as their bodies relaxed the tension they’d built with their passion. Exhausted, Giles' collapsed on top of Buffy, his full weight pinning her small body within the battered mattress. His head fell to rest on her shoulder as beads of sweat dripped along his skin to hers. They lay still as a contented calm washed over them both.

Buffy relished the quiet moment, sheltered protectively under his beautiful body. The temptation to fall asleep within his embrace was incredibly difficult to deny.

"I love you," she whispered into his ear, giving it a tender kiss and preparing to separate her body from his. She felt his lips curl to a smile along the dimpling skin of her neck and waited to hear him return the sweet affections.

But they never came.

Instead, she felt his powerful hands clamp down, fixing hers to the bed. Suddenly, he thrust into her sated flesh so hard, so cold, so wrong it forced a pained gasp. She felt his cock stiffen within her, stirring back to life once again. Another thrust and another and she grunted at the pure rage of it. Void of the gentle touch of moments before, what she felt now was a violation rather than a union as he drove his rigid flesh to stab at her again, drawing out a questioning yelp. Her mind raced to make sense of it.

"G-Giles...?" She pleaded sorely only to be met again and again with even more vigorous thrusts, each one sending a shock of pain along her spine. "Stop... please stop..." she whimpered.

Her lover tossed back his head to reveal the ominous expression of his full demon face. Though his eyes were aflame like the sun, there was no light there, no heat, only bitter and deadly cold and it made her heart weep with the revelation. The beast sneered with ruthless delight at her trapped body beneath him.

"I warned you it wasn't over, my beauty." And with that taunt, he attacked; fangs penetrating the tender flesh of her neck as surely as his cock defiled her dignity.

“I feel something. Strength… power…” Willow whispered as she continued the spell, swaying dizzily in her seated position. Magicks sparkled around the rim of the urn, creeping up from the soil and into the bowl as wisps of bluish smoke snaked around them all.

“That must mean its working.” It was more a question than a statement and Xander waited for an answer. “Is it working?”

“I think maybe it is but it’s different somehow. Familiar but different.”

“Good different or bad different?” Anya asked.

“Such power and… and strength…”

As he drank, Giles’ punishing grip tightened, digging his claw-like nails into the thin skin of the back of her hands. Buffy gasped in vain when trying to speak. It was as if all words were muted as her throat closed up, half choking, half sobbing with the initial panic of the situation. She’d known with perfect clarity the outcome of their intimacy but expected to have time, a delay, just as before with Angel. But in cruel irony, she was thrust into the fire in the most vulnerable way imaginable.

Buffy fought to free her hands only to feel the claws bury deeper as did the fangs, tearing into her flesh. She thrashed around, kicking her legs and bucking her hips, much to the amusement of the demon chuckling with delight as he pounded into her, hurting her, disciplining her. It was only until she began to weaken, fading fast under the loss of blood, that the beast grew mild.

Buffy’s head swam with sickness as the monster released his bite, taking care to clean the wound with tender licks. His face crept into her view, twisted and dark, but most of all, pleased.

“You’re not quite yourself, luv. Then again, who is these days?”

“You’ve had your sick fun, now get off me,” she growled.

“Ah, but the fun is in having you make me get off after I’ve gotten off. You disappoint, pet. You’re dearly departed mother would never approve of such failure.”

“Fuck you.”

“Gladly. I missed you, Buffy. I missed this…” his hips grinded obscenely, “…this acquiescent terrain of yours forever landscaped by mine.”

“Get off me,” Buffy demanded feebly.

“Come now, pet… where are your sentimental verses? Or is this face not to your liking.”

“Let me go.”

“Could it be that this crooked visage has finally persuaded you to clamp your greased thighs shut to vampires. After all this time, so many beautiful corpses getting a leg over and you’ve awakened to one so grisly you can’t fathom another poke.”


“What sadness would pain your soul knowing mine left with the thought of your freshly dead sister waiting with bated breath for me to taste her once again?”

“Shut up! Stop it. Just stop,” she hissed.

“Oh, but I’ll never stop, darling. I have an eternity of tedium ahead, can’t think of a better way to pass the time than fucking you to an early grave.”

He crushed her mouth with his, smothering her breath from her. Malicious fangs punctured shallowly into her bottom lip and she tasted the familiar tang of copper seep along her tongue. He pulled back to admire his work but remained suffocatingly close, not allowing her the slightest space in which to breath.

“Tell me again how you love me,” he whispered sweetly. “How you live only for me, love only me. How easily you threaten such things. Tell me again.”


“TELL ME!” The roar assaulted her ears as his red-tainted spit showered down upon her grimacing face. “Tell me now how you love me!”

“No...” Buffy gasped, shock slowly overtaking her.

"Tell me how precious I am, that you need me, want me, love me, haunt me, anything and everything so that I might see it in my deficient soul to forgive you. So that I might, out of the goodness of my carcass heart, spare you the hell cursed upon me by your treachery."

"Never," she whispered harshly.

Her stubborn defiance only incited more of his rage as he punished her with a powerful head butt. The strike sounded a sickening thud and her vision blurred for an instant to return slowly, only offering her a smeared view of her leering tormentor.

"I remember your taste like it was yesterday," He mocked, echoing her words from before as he scraped his fangs along her quivering neck. "How I've longed to savor it again." The vampire's mouth captured hers again, pushing his way through the rigid defense of her lips to choke her with his raping tongue. He pulled back as a string of bloody drool oozed down, drenching her lips and she tried uselessly to keep from tasting it. The beast smiled, taking sick pleasure in her suffering.

"You're back because I wanted it. I brought you ba...ah..." Buffy gasped, interrupted by the brutal force of his rock hard shaft penetrating her yet again. He delighted in her anguished sob, tracing her lips with another insistent lick. Droplets of blood formed on the crease of her mouth as his aggressive tongue quickly snaked in to receive them.

"I am back. Welcome me all proper like, luv, with open arms." He snickered and glanced south. “Well, it’ll have to do.”

Another hard thrust and she felt something tear. But that hurt was soon overtaken by another devastating crack to her forehead. She succumbed to the darkness once more as her head wavered from the devilish beating. With desperate breaths, she gathered all her remaining strength and tried to move. A hefty chuckle and tensing grip dissuaded any hopes for escape.

Willow stared down at the urn sitting before her and noticed a chipped edge vibrating as the magicks poured within. Suddenly, the urn splintered into fragments, glowing and pulsing yet still holding its shape as the magicks swelled around it.

“No… no, this is wrong,” Willow yelled in a panic.

“What do you mean wrong?” Anya asked. “Should it have happened by now?”

Xander shrugged. “I don’t doubt Buffy’s seductive prowess but can you really clock such a…”

“No, I’ve felt this sensation before. This isn’t Giles' strength and power I’m feeling.”

“Then who’s is it?”

“It’s… it’s Buffy’s.”

"You bastard! I’ll get him back. I’ll bring him back to m... ah…" She was interrupted again by more ferocious drives, each mounting the already unbearable pain. It was as much a battle as any other she'd fought but in this match, she was losing.

"Poor child." With a docile kiss to her bleeding lips, he withdrew from her and moved to claim her breast with his tepid tongue.

“So confused. As much as me, I suppose. What the pathetic pair we are. I don't understand why you’ve summoned me but I'm sure I don't need to. The deathly shivers of your frail flesh tell me everything I need to know."

He slunk further down her body, licking along her sweat glistening skin as he inched his way between her legs. Buffy could only watch with horror as the fiend explored her body with his fingers and tongue. His fangs etched along her skin, leaving a pinkish track marking their path. There was a pause and she looked down at him with pleading eyes, silently begging for him to stop. He paid her little interest; something else had caught his curiosity. And as his pitiless, hollow stare eyed her swollen sex, she was stricken with a newfound panic.

"Is this what drives you, my saintly whore?" He spat his foul words at her, wearing a cruel smile as he pried her legs further apart. He bobbed his head low, took in a deep whiff of her scent and licked his lips with a threatening display of his jagged fangs. "Is this what you cherish, this abortion soon to be rotting in your gut?”

“No, no please…”

“Pleas, how lovely.”

“Please no.”

“Begging for the life of your unborn while you should be saving your breath for your own. Selfless to the last."

“I love you.” Her voice pleaded gently and the beast hesitated.


“I love you, G-Giles.” Again, words whispered with crafted tenderness.

The furious brow suddenly lifted as a wash of green passed quickly through the yellow of his eyes.

“Again, say it again.”

Buffy swallowed, trying to return moisture to her mouth as she forced a breath. “I love you.”

“Make me believe it.”

“I…love… you, Giles. I… love…” It was too much for Buffy; she succumbed to her devastation and sobbed.

“Yes, just like that. Again, keep saying it,” the beast directed mildly and disappeared in the depths between her legs.

Had she the strength, Buffy would’ve prepared herself for what was to come. But in her impotent state, she could only watch with disconnected fascination. When it finally came, she cried out in anguish as his fangs punctured her raw flesh and began to feast.

It was a pain unlike any other and a sadistic pleasure she'd never imagined. His insidious tongue lapped up every drop of her fluids while his fingers traced her clit, granting her wandering stokes of delight. She wanted to pull away, to escape from the beast's snare, but with every suckle and caress, she fell further within his deadly spell.

The familiar tingle of deadening nerves spread along her arms and her legs as her body slipped slowly away into shock. Her eyes fell heavy, her head adrift in a soothing haze. There was nothing left but her thoughts of the child she carried and how it would never know a single day without her. Then, her thoughts wandered to the man she loved. The man she would give up everything for and would pay so dearly for it.

"Always… and… forever…" she whispered desperately as her body began to fail her.

She wept for the loss of her hope, for the loss of her love. As the numbness crept inward to claim her soul, she opened her weary eyes for one last glimpse of the beast. As if sensing her audacity, he paused and lifted himself from her. There he was; the handsome face of her Giles, bathed in the scarlet of her life's blood and staring up at her with his infinite green stare.

She had no more breath to speak so she mouthed the silent words, “I love you.”

"And I love you," he spoke soothingly, with such supreme gentleness that she couldn't help but believe him. With an empathetic hint of a smile, he sank back down between her thighs, returning to his banquet to pleasure her with a heartbreakingly slow, bleeding death.

‘Come back... to... me...’ Buffy thought and blacked out.

part 20...