Halloween Fic: Careful What You Ask For
Rated NC-17
Part 2 of 2
Author: Wickedfox
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Giles woke to the sound of something scratching on the outside of his tent. He tried to sit up quietly but his sleeping bag rustled with his motion. The scratching began again and he searched the darkness for a weapon.

"Giles? Are you awake?" The familiar sound of Buffy's voice made him sigh with relief.

"Buffy?" He yawned, "Something wrong?" He combed his fingers through his hair while fumbling to find his watch.

"Um…no, not exactly. I just had to talk to ya. Can I come in?" she whispered, trying not to wake up the others.

"Uh…just a moment." Giles looked around and realized that he was ill prepared for visitors. He was sleeping au naturel, as was his usual custom when getting close to nature. 'Don't keep her waiting…it's probably cold outside,' he reasoned. With a quick assessment of his situation, he decided his sleeping bag should provide adequate coverage as long as he didn't move around too much. "Please, come in." He shifted his legs up against the wall of the tent to give Buffy more room to maneuver.

Buffy unzipped the tent flap and crawled in, bumping her head on one of the support poles of the dome tent. "Sorry…boy, not much room in these things, huh?" she whispered.

"Well…" Giles yawned again and tried to rub the sleepy haze from has eyes, "…these particular models were built for two people but, in all actuality only fit one average size human or two garden gnomes." He smiled and watched Buffy situate herself by his feet, as far from him as she could get in the confined space. His eyes were struggling to focus in the dark but he could tell she was bothered by something. "What's on your mind?"

"Um…well, I forgot to give you back your jacket." She presented his wool jacket to him.

"Thank you," he raised an eyebrow and hesitantly took the item, "But you could have returned this in the morning. What is really on your mind?"

Buffy's eyes finally started to adjust to darkness when she noticed the dim light steadily increase. She glanced up through the mesh air vent of the tent to see clouds uncovering a brilliant full moon. It was spectacular; she couldn't remember the last time she had enjoyed a clear night sky free from the light pollution of a city. A smile played on her lips and she looked over at Giles to remark on the sight.

Her thoughts vanished when she saw him; moonlight illuminated his bare body, outlining his exposed form with divine effect. The bluish tint of the light highlighted his tousled hair and accented his high cheekbones. She could see a grin on his lips as he tilted his head back to admire the moon, the bluish light revealing his chiseled chin.

"Wonderful evening," he said with a stealthy glimpse, keeping his head tilted toward the night sky. He recognized Buffy's apprehension and decided to let her collect her thoughts. "The sky is remarkably clear."

Buffy was unreachable, her mind halted by the spectacle of a shirtless Giles before her. She watched his chest rise and fall with a breath; slight curls of hair trailing down his torso shimmered with the movement.

"Wonderful…" she mumbled and then realized he was waiting for her to respond to him. "I'm sorry…what?" she asked, almost breathless.

"Buffy, what's wrong?" He asked with a concerned look.

"I wish I knew." She mumbled again and tried to remember why she'd bothered him. "Earlier…what you did…" she started.

"I'm sorry about that. I'd hoped you'd understand I was just joking." He lowered his eyes to his jacket, shying away from her gaze.

"No…really, it's ok. I got it." She smiled and scooted forward, wanting to reassure him that he hadn't done anything wrong. "We deserved it and you really got us good. That was so good…with all the little details. The carvings and the background…really well done." Her eyes fell back down to his bare chest and she had to blink a few times to break its hypnotizing effect. "I-I was just curious…how did you do that?"

"Pardon?" he asked, unsure of what she was asking.

"How did you do that?" she repeated.

"Do what exactly?" He leaned back onto his elbows and smiled, the sleeping bag slid a couple inches and settled just below his navel.

Buffy's eyes were once again drawn to his chest and she found it impossible to prevent her gaze from lowering southward to private regions of Giles figure. 'Stop it! Get a grip…a good, hard, stiff grip! Just stop it!'

"The whole thing back there. The scary, freaking us out thing." She struggled to put words together.

"It was simple observation and psychological suggestion." He explained plainly. "An important aspect of a Watcher's training. A tool in guiding a Slayer."

"Manipulation…you mean manipulate, don't you?" Buffy's face was serious. Giles suddenly felt uncomfortable with her questioning and sat up. Buffy notice the shifting sleeping bag, revealing more of his lower abdomen.

"W-well, yes...I suppose it is manipulation. I apologize if I…"

"Giles…its fine. I'm just amazed at how you managed to totally play me into your story." Buffy's face flushed and she considered removing her sweatshirt to alleviate the sudden heat that overcame her. "It was kinda fun." She remembered she wasn't wearing anything underneath. 'Would that be a bad thing?' she thought and wondered how Giles would react to that scenario.

He leaned forward, resting his hand on hers. "Are you alright?"

A tingling wave of warmth seeped up her arm to her face and she looked up into his eyes. One single nagging question took control of her mind. "Are you naked?" 'OH…MY…GOD!' she thought, "Did I just say that out loud?' She was instantly embarrassed, begging for the Hellmouth to open and swallow her whole or at the very least some bear to interrupt the awkward situation.

Giles jaw dropped open and he blinked nervously. Not knowing if he'd heard correctly, he just sat there, waiting for Buffy to repeat what she'd asked.

"Oh god…I'm…I'm sorry. I don't know why I asked that." She inched back as far as she could. "I'll just go…um, sorry to wake you," she turned around and reached for the zipper for the entrance.

"Care to find out?"

She froze, "What?" she gasped and slowly turned around to see Giles leaning back on his elbows again with an all too serious expression on his face. The subtle hairs on his chest glistened with beads of sweat as moonlight danced in his eyes.

"You inquired about my nightwear, I'm simply offering you an opportunity to discover the answer for yourself."

Buffy searched his face for a hint of teasing or joking but only saw him staring at her with absolute sincerity. Her heart quickened.

"What are you suggesting?" she sat back down, facing him with a subtle grin decorating her lips.

"Nothing, I'm not suggesting..." he smiled warmly, "I'm offering." He whispered, unsure his voice could carry the words without a stutter. 'God…am I actually doing this?' His heart pounded through his chest and he was sure Buffy could see his nervousness.

'What are you waiting for?' Buffy thought, 'Don't think…do!' She crept forward, crawling on her hands and knees toward him, stalking him. She paused a foot from his face, feeling the heat radiating from him. His masculine scent summoned her, calling for her to act on her animalistic instincts.

"What are you offering?" she whispered, enjoying the sensual game they were playing but also wanting one absolutely clarifying sign he wanted her as badly as she wanted him. She held back her urge to lick the sweat from his sternum.

"Myself," he breathed, waiting for her to touch him. Her eyes were wild, almost threatening. His body reacted to the closeness of hers, pulsing under the protection of the sleeping bag. Buffy's body leaned into his and he held his breath, controlling every muscle, commanding every cell of his being to wait for her to give him permission to move. He watched her dip her head toward his navel and closed his eyes, begging for her to grant him a single caress.

"I accept," she whispered and kissed his navel, gliding her tongue along the length of his abdomen. She felt his muscles tense under the attention of her lips as she pecked little kisses back down his stomach. She savored the taste of his flesh, craving more, wanting to explore beneath the covers that hid the target of her curiosity. She slid her fingers along his chest, tracing her fingertips along every battle scar they encountered. He watched her eyes study the physical reminders of their years of working together. She tenderly kissed each mark until she reached the edge of the sheets. He lifted his hand to steal a touch of her vibrant body but she waved a finger in disapproval. As he returned his hand to support his position, he felt her hands slip through the barrier of the sleeping bag.

"May I?" she asked in a polite tone, in complete contrast to the devilish expression on her features.

"Please…" he sighed, fighting every urge to take her, claim her as his own.

Buffy carefully drew the covers off Giles to reveal his entire body, admiring the offering presented to her. He watched her eyes widen with fascination at his arousal and he couldn't mask his satisfied smile. He'd never dreamt this fantasy would be realized, the culmination of his hopes unfolding in such a spontaneous scene.

Buffy grinned wickedly up at him and watched as a look of shock swept over his face when she leaned down to take him between her lips.

"B-Buf-ffy…you d-don't have to…" he never finished his thought. She took complete control over him with a single embrace of her mouth. His head fell back in ecstasy, his arms lost their strength and his shoulders fell to the ground.

"Oh god!" he hissed as his hips thrust up toward her. She wrapped her arm under his buttocks, limiting his movement. Her tongue explored every texture, tickled along the throbbing veins and traced lightly along the head. She loved his reaction to her touch, teasing him to loose control, relishing the resulting taste of her work. With one final lick down the lengthy of his engorged member, Giles sprang upon her with a fevered passion.

Buffy felt her breath forced from her as he pinned her shoulders to the ground beneath him. He tore her sweatshirt from her and growled as his mouth enveloped her breast. She felt his hand slide down her sweatpants and cup her. He kissed up her neck and hovered above her for a moment, taking in the look of surprise on her face. Her expression quickly morphed to lustful need as his fingers delicately entered her, feeling her writhe with every stroke. Her body stirred involuntarily under his direction as he once again manipulated her every move. Giles leaned into her leg as he continued his ministrations, grinding himself into her, guiding her to spread her legs for him.

"M-more…" she gasped as his powerful fingers probed deeper. His heavy breaths hardened her nipples as she felt his tongue circle the sensitive area.

"More what, love?" he whispered as their eyes met. 'I'll give anything, do anything…' his heart was exposed, '…you have but to ask.'

"More you," her eyes pleaded for him to take her and he smiled at the invitation.

"I'm yours," he whispered and plunged into her, filling her whole. Their body's paused with the union, delighting in the sensation of being joined intimately.

He leaned down and kissed her on the lips for the first time, a gentle kiss that melted Buffy's heart. She was his in that instant. Giles caressed her cheek and slowly drew out from her, his face displaying the control he was trying desperately to keep.

"I love you." Buffy said and cupped his butt with her hands, pulling him back into her. He gasped with exhilaration and continued to rock into her, her hands leading the rhythm of their dance. Her body hummed with every thrust, impatiently rising to meet his.

The pace heightened, their bodies working toward release. Buffy's legs began to tingle and she knew she was close. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him to her, arching her back off the ground with the motion.

Giles felt her flesh pulse around his and he quickened his thrusts, delving deeper, drawing on every ounce of strength to compel her over the edge. She quaked beneath his weight and he felt her legs seize him. Her calves pulled him with surprising force, driving him into her. His breath escaped him as her legs squeezed their bodies to merge again. Amidst the frenzied coupling, he felt something snap and a sharp pain jabbed at his lung. He cried out but realized it wasn't from pain; it was from absolute pleasure, his release. His body stiffened as he climaxed and he heard her moan with his final thrust. They poured their souls into each other as they arrived together.

Giles collapse beside Buffy, wheezing to catch his breath. She gazed into his eyes with a glowing smile.

He rolled to his side and caressed her cheek. "I love you, Buffy."

She ran a finger down his chest and saw his face frown in pain.

The rush of adrenaline was slowly subsiding and the throbbing pain of his broken rib reminded him to change his position.

"Did I hurt you?" Buffy asked with a quickly flushing face.

"It's nothing, love." Giles smiled and carefully placed a hand over the wound. "Just wishing for the younger model of this tired vessel."

"I'm so sorry. I forget my strength in all the…uh, heavy petting."

"Just need a lye-down, love. Really, I'll be fine in the morning." He hissed at the sudden jab of pain from a slight shift of his back.

"Oh no…what are we gonna do about the others?" Buffy eyes widened.

"Bloody hell." Giles said a bit too loud.

"I know…what are we gonna do?"

"No, Buffy. I was cursing this soddin injury." He quickly reached for her hand and covered it. "Really, I'll be fine. It's just a bit tender." He smiled at her concerned expression. "How do you think they'd react if we told them? Or just let them figure it out in the morning when we walk out together?"

"Don't you mean limp?" Buffy teased.

Giles shot her a glance. "We're all adults here." He paused a moment and grinned, "Maybe not." He teased. She elbowed him directly in the injured rib and quickly grimaced at his pain.

"God…I'm sorry. I'm sorry…sorry."

Giles laid flat on his back, breathing shallow breaths and trying not to snicker at Buffy's clumsiness. "I'm fine…just give me a second. Or two."

Buffy smiled at his patience and watched him concentrate to block out the pain. She'd watched him with fascination; awestruck by the compassion and love he had for her.

Giles face relaxed as he quieted the pain, burying it deep within his psyche. He'd become an expert at hiding his discomfort, a practice he'd used often to spare Buffy the pain of knowing what wounds he'd acquired in their work together. Buffy may have Slayer healing powers but Watchers were all too human, and Giles had been reminded of that inconvenience one too many times in battle. Once sure of his successful pain suppression he looked over at his beauty's face.

"Buffy, I don't care what anyone thinks. It is your decision to make…how to approach our change in relationship." He took her hand in his. "You're happiness is what is most important to me."

Buffy carefully kissed his hand and smiled at Giles who waited for her decision.

"You're right. Savin' the world every week should give us certain benefits." She leaned over to him. "World be damned…I'm yours."

They settled in for the night, taking comfort in their newfound relationship and the possibilities it brings.


(Next Morning…)

Giles slowly crawled out of the tent into the crisp morning air. Buffy and Willow sat by the crackling fire, giggling. He stood up, holding his hand to his broken rib and looked around.

"Xander's not up?" He asked.

"Um…no. He had a hard time sleeping." Willow giggled.

"Uh...yeah. Something about some wild animal noises keeping him awake last night." Buffy could barely contain her laughter.

Giles rolled his eyes and joined them at the fireside. "I trust you two have already discussed the…circumstances?" he grinned and sat down on the log.

Willow and Buffy smiled at each other and looked at Giles; he had his answer.

"I hate to interrupt the um…morning after talk…" Willow blushed, "But did you guys have any problems with you're tent leaking?"

Buffy and Giles looked at each other then at Willow with confounded expressions. "What?" they asked together.

"That rain last night was incredible. If I hadn't had the air mattress, I would have been having wet dreams." Willow blushed at her choice of words and giggled.

"Wil…it was a beautiful night. Clear sky…full bluish moon." Buffy explained.

When Willow got control of her giggles she looked over at Giles who nodded in agreement with Buffy.

"Um...guys…look around. It poured last night!" She explained.

Buffy and Giles looked at the dampened soil and dripping pines.

"Well…I-I…um…perhaps…the canopy's…" Giles looked to Buffy for help.

"Don't look at me buddy. Last night was a mystery to me." Buffy smiled at his struggle to explain the occurrence.

A smile formed on his lips, "Yes…well. Perhaps it was a miracle. That's how I perceive it." He winked at Buffy.

Willow smiled at the exchange and pulled a small folded piece of material from her pocket. Giles and Buffy stared lovingly at each other as she examined the print on the piece.

"Incantation of Lunar Manipulation/Meteorological Perception. Abridged."

Willow grinned at her successful casting and carefully pocketed the shred of manuscript. 'About time!' she thought and began to tend to the fire as Giles and Buffy shared glances over the open flames.

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