Change of Pace part 6

Buffy stood with her back to the front door to Giles apartment, staring at the bathroom door. 'Do I love him?' She contemplated her emotions, trying to unravel what her feelings were telling her. 'I think I love him. How would I know?' Buffy willed the bathroom door to stay closed until she could settle her thoughts.

"I hope you and Willow had a pleasant discussion." Giles came out of the steamy bathroom drying his damp curls with a towel. His wine robe hugged his silhouette, accenting his broad shoulders. The belt loosen and fell open, allowing the robe to sway as he moved to the living room, revealing his bare chest adorn with glistening hairs that trailed down his abdomen. His silken pajama bottoms flowed with his steps, framing his bare feet.

Buffy remained unmoving at the front door, her breathing grew shallow. He was an apparition, he had to be; she'd never seen him like this before. There was nothing recognizable of the Watcher or the librarian that had entered the bathroom. The being presented before her was the man, stripped to his bare essence, and it enthralled her.

'Everything he is... is for you.' Willow's words echoed in her mind.

Giles took up the newspaper and his glasses from the table and stepped to the couch. He started to sit but hesitated, straightened up and looked inquisitively over at Buffy who stood silently staring at him.

"Buffy? Are you alright?" His forehead creased with concern, accentuating his radiant green eyes, free from the protective shield of his glasses.

'I love him... ' The simple inquiry triggered overwhelming longing in her. She advanced across the room with unwavering strides but once she reached him, she stopped and looked intently up at his quizzical eyes. Uncertainty clouded her mind and her body quivered at the closeness.

"Buffy?" He watched and waited. 'You're move, luv.'

She reached up and curled her trembling hand around the back of his neck, drawing his face to hers.

He watched and waited. 'When you're ready... '

Buffy raised her other hand to his face, brushed her fingertips along his cheek and traced the chiseled features to his lips.

He watched and waited. 'Please... '

With a tear in her eye, her lips met his. Her mouth relished the first touch.

She felt his lips spread to release a deep sigh, freeing the breath he'd held till she kissed him.

'God... at long last,' he thought, waiting no more. Giles wrapped his arms around her, savoring the sensation of her delicate form touching him. His mouth plundered hers with a veracity he'd never exposed. She surrendered to his every move.

He feathered kisses along her mouth, smiling at her responsive lips.

She yearned for more, grasping at his dampened hair and nibbling his bottom lip. With an unrestrained bite, she explored his mouth with her tongue.

He moved his hands down her back, pressing her closer, banishing any space between their eager bodies. His gentle fingers curved around her bottom and lifted her to face him. She encircled his waist with her strong legs, feeling the heat of him against her. He let out strained moan as she shifted her hips to the source of the desirable heat, feeling her overwhelming power.

Giles carried Buffy to the guest room, tenderly kissing her neck as he maneuvered through the obstacles in his way. He lowered her to the edge of the bed and separated himself from her, admiring the vision of beauty before him.

"Giles, I've never... um... "

"I know," he smiled with compassion in his eyes that immediately comforted her. He let his robe drift off his shoulders to the floor, his eyes never leaving hers.

Buffy explored his torso with her fingertips, tracing every scar and mark with fascination.

Giles shut his eyes, enjoying the gentle attention. His muscles stiffened under her touch, twitching from the awareness of her tongue gliding closer to his growing manhood.

Buffy ran her hands over Giles pants, slowly caressing his hidden member. Enticed by the mystery of what awaited her discovery, she tucked her fingers under the waistband. She looked up to see him patiently gazing at her with glossy eyes, his breath unsteady and his cheeks flushed.

He stood motionless, permitting her to investigate him at her own pace, concentrating on her striking eyes roaming his body.

She felt him tense as she carefully lowered the pajamas.

His nude body was finally revealed and Buffy smiled at its splendor.

A grin spread across his lips and he cupped a hand to her face, stroking her cheek with his thumb. His other hand came around her back to unbutton the single button holding her dress to her. The motion brought his throbbing passion close to her. She found herself wanting to feel it. With the button undone, he stepped back, watching and waiting.

Buffy slipped her dress down over her legs and wrapped her hand around his wrist. She moved to the center of the bed, pulling him with her and finally lied back onto the sheets.

Giles slid his leg between hers and rubbed against her moist panties. She sighed at the stir from within her, nerves awakening with a fever unknown to her.

He glided his fingers to her waist and caught the waist band of her remaining article of clothing, drawing the panties down her thighs and kissing her stomach as the fabric was liberated. He lightly kissed her foot and trailed kisses up her calf to her knee, then her thigh until he reached her delicate folds.

Buffy's body quivered with pleasure at the tender probing of his tongue. Her need for him was unrestrained and she thirsted for more. The quaking fingers of her hands tangled in his hair, urging him to take her.

Giles felt her desire, rose from his position and moved his hips between her thighs. His eyes met hers, as his sweat glistening body was poised, hungering to bond with hers. Buffy knew he was silently pleading for permission. She let a contented smile compel him on.

"I love you." He said with a blissful resolve.

"I love you." Buffy weaved her fingers through his.

He slowly gave himself to her, driving with a maddening gentleness into her eager core.
Her grips tightened around his possessive hands as he thrust deeper. The pressure of his mass piercing into her brought tears of pleasure to her eyes. His passion filled her, completed her. She watched his muscles tighten as he dived into her again. His jaw tensed as she raised her hips to allow him to delve deeper. A slight moan escaped her lips and she freed her hands to place them on the small of his back. She rocked his hips with a renewed fervor, increasing the tempo. Her center pulsed with elation at every motion.

Giles felt the throbbing pleasure he was bringing to Buffy and greedily sought after more. He cradled her hips and lifted with each thrust, enjoying the moans of delight he'd receive from the act. He slid his knees forward and brought her up to him, positioning her on his lap. His hands guided her in her rocking as he kissed her neck. He pressed up to meet her every shift, feeling the aching need for release. Lifting her to bring his legs forward, he fell back on the bed and pulled Buffy down with him. He kissed along her nipples, savoring the taste. Licking the sweat from her neck, Buffy's breathing became uneasy, her thrusts increased to a fevered pace and he knew she was ready for him to unleash his lust. He let himself go, liberating all self-control he'd been enforcing. His hands reached for hers. She intertwined her fingers with his again, using his strength to balance her as she pushed forward toward her climax. Spasms within her forcing him to ecstasy, release. Their body's burst with euphoria at the moment they arrived together.

Buffy fell forward and blanketed his body, listening to the sounds of his strained breathing.

Giles stroked her hair, burning the moment in his memory. Absolute contentment came over him. For the first time since he moved to Sunnydale, he felt at peace.

Buffy smiled as tears welled up in her eyes, she knew what had been missing.

"Giles... I love you." She twisted some innocent hairs on his chest.

He was silent. She looked up to see him smiling at her.

"I love you. You've always held my heart, Buffy." He almost sang the words.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"You had to figure it out for yourself. I expect no less from my luv." He sighed, "I knew you're eyes would be opened eventually."

"You have the patience of a saint."

"No, I'm afraid that test is yet to come."


"Joyce," he looked to the ceiling, dreading the thought of confronting Buffy's mom with the situation.

"We'll just tell her we've decided on a change of pace." Buffy grinned.

The End.