Conversations Part 7

"Giles...out with it! What do you need from me?" Buffy was getting irritated. She was tired of the emotional overdrive she was in, tired of being blind and really tired of Giles mysteriousness. She needed answers and she needed to do something; she was sick of running.

"I'm...I'm loosing it, Buffy." He mumbled quietly.


"My mind."

"I'd say lost is more like it! How many deaths will it take..."

"I'm not through...I'll kill again. It won't let me stop." His voice trembled at the admission.

"What won't let you stop?" Buffy wasn't about to trust him, she'd heard the stories of Giles psyching out orderlies and guards.

"Magic...d-dark magicks aren't through w-with me yet." His voice stammered, as if straining to get the words out. "The d-death and d-destruction will continue until..." Giles went quiet and Buffy strained uselessly to focus in on him, cursing her hindered sight.

"Until what...Giles?"

"Kill me."

The request was spoken softly, almost a cry and Buffy was speechless; she hadn't expected that.

"Please!" Giles voice quivered with urgency as she heard him step toward her.

"Um, tried it...with the guns and weapons and all the arsenal. You didn't seem" she was completely confused.

"It won't let me see. It's like a parasite, feeding off my hate, my anger and pain...using me." Giles voice grew in intensity, displaying his anger as he explained. "I am the ideal host. I know how to use its power and it realizes this, manipulates me. Stealing my mind. We must be stopped." The last words rang out in an unearthly tone, echoing in the room, reminding Buffy of the uncontrollable force boiling beneath Giles mild surface.

A strange sense of relief came over her. Finally knowing why and how somehow made it easier to cope. "How? Nothing we've tried worked. Giles, how can I stop you?"

"I-it takes willpower and concentration to wield magic." His voice had returned to it's normal soft-spoken manner. "When aware and alert, the magicks have control. If I am...weak...tired..." he paused, suddenly uncomfortable.

"Distracted? What... I distract you with a game of Parcheesi and when you're not looking, slay away?" She couldn't believe they were discussing his demise as if it was nothing.

"I...I tried to have Olivia help me before...before I blanked out," his voice cracked. "It should have worked. The gun was loaded...ready."

"Then you killed her," Buffy wanted to remind him, punish him. "What did she do? How did she distract you?"

She waited for an answer and when she got none it suddenly dawned on her what he was hinting at. His uncomfortable silence spoke volumes. She wished she could see his face, see his expression as she realized what he was asking of her.

"Oh..." Buffy lowered her head to her knees, "I see".
She sat with skeptical silence, trying to absorb the situation. An image flashed into her mind of her night with Ethan, with Giles. Buffy wanted so badly for it to be Giles holding her, touching her. Now she was being asked to make the illusion a reality with the man she'd come to love. She was being asked to kill him.

"Emotions a-aroused during intimacy have h-heightened....well, I-it was a p-practice Ethan and I had come to depend on d-during rituals of..."

"," she interrupted him with a raised hand. "Please, no exposition, no back story," Buffy felt her throat constrict. 'Irony much?' She loved this man and now she had to sacrifice him. The fates must be laughing.

"Olivia managed to wound me. It would have been fatal had the council not interfered. They saw it fit to treat me..."

"I guess Olivia wasn't much of a distraction," Buffy mumbled, "Or you are just a cold blooded killer." Buffy wanted to sound bitter and cruel but her mind couldn't bury her feelings. 'A cold blooded killer that I love.'

"I am," Giles voice whispered near her. Buffy couldn't tell if it was a statement reaffirming the killer comment or if he'd read her mind and was questioning her feelings toward him. "Stop me. You are the only one who can do this. You have the strength and...and most importantly, have my heart."

Buffy peeked up and much to her surprise her eyes finally focused. Giles knelt in front of her, cautiously reaching for her hand. In a sheer fright, she darted backwards away from him until the door stopped her retreat. To her astonishment he followed after her, crawling on hands and knees across the floor toward her. Panic began to take overwhelm her again as she stood up, wanting to get away but oddly fascinated with his behavior. He stopped at her feet and sat up, peering up at her like a subservient puppy.

“Giles, I could never…would never…” she gazed into his hopeful eyes and couldn’t finish the thought, not even to the questionable monster kneeling before her. She could never what? Love him, have him, kill him? She couldn't make out the true meaning of her words, her mind racing with possibilities and consequences.

His eyes stared at her with a renewed fervor. “You can’t deny me.” He brushed a finger along her calf, drawing it up her jeans as he began to stand. Buffy's muscles trembled at his attention as he glided his other hand along her hip.

“I…I have to. What you’ve done is inexcusable and’re a murderer...but...”

“As are you…that’s the beauty of it,” His fingers crept up underneath her cotton t-shirt and lightly caressed the soft flesh of the small of her back. It made Buffy’s skin hum, as if alive for the first time since her resurrection.

“You’ve always been drawn to killers, regardless of their reasons or motivations. Be it for bloodlust or genocide, survival or protection.” Giles voice rang in her ears and she had to draw her mind back from the hypnotizing effect he was having on her. “I’ve killed for you,” he whispered seductively into her ear, taking in the smell of her hair as he slowly pulled away to see her expression. "I'm asking you to kill for me."

The phrase sent a shock through her, amplified with the grim reminder of his menacing power as his eyes blackened before her. He was a murderer; she had to stop him.

"You've seen what I'm capable of. Buffy...please, end this." The black pools in his stare misted into the normal green of his eyes as he pleaded for her help.

“Where’s Dawn?” Buffy hissed through clenched teeth. She had to concentrate, keep focused.

“Buffy...” he sighed as he leaned into her, his eyes gazing at her pouted lips, wanting a taste. He felt Buffy’s hand on his chest, restraining him from surrendering to temptation.

“Where?” Buffy’s eyes were cold, her voice uncompromising.

“She’s safe,” he whispered, his breath tickling her lips. Giles didn’t move; he wouldn’t give up the personal space he’d conquered.

“Where?” Pure stubbornness drove Buffy to deny him of what her own body was yearning for.

“She never left Sunnydale. She’s at home, in bed.” He smiled, waiting for a reaction.

“But the necklace?” It’s a bluff, she knew it; she wanted it to be a bluff. “You tricked me.”

“I couldn't hurt Dawn,” he relinquished the space, taking a step back. “…Or you. Not yet But I'm loosing myself Buffy.” Giles eyes begged her to believe him. "The darkness is taking me...bit by bit. It's just a matter of time." He swallowed hard, concentrating on expressing his next words with all his emotion behind them. “You can do this. End this with one sacrifice.”

"I...I don't know if I can," Buffy whimpered, lowering her head.

"I love you," he said with a sympathetic smile as Buffy's face slowly lifted, eyes staring in disbelief. "I do...and I know you can help me. Please."

Buffy's heart was thumping loud within her chest, making her feel lightheaded as her mind worked over what he was asking of her. Giles loved her. She'd been told that before but to hear the words from him made her cringe. It was so painful to know they'd loved each other secretly, never acting on their feelings, never giving in to temptation. She could give in now, but at what cost? Giles would have to die.

It was her duty to stop him from killing but her obligation to help him. Sending Angel to hell was one thing; she knew she was saving the world. Killing Giles was unclear; the repercussions were ambiguous. She knew he had killed but he had also avoided killing as with Xander and Dawn.

Buffy glanced at Giles who stood patiently waiting for a response as his eyes pleaded for her to accept his wishes. She wanted to so badly to love him and to make love to him but then to kill was beyond her understanding.

‘It's not fair,’ she thought. She knew he'd read her mind because a sad grin spread on his lips and he took a step towards her, ready to console her. Buffy surprised him with a clumsy upper cut and stepped up to strike him again. Giles stood his ground, waiting to receive his punishment.

“I hate you, Giles!” She pounded a fist into his chest and he smiled empathetically in response.
“I hate you for what you’ve done,” She landed another half-hearted fist into his chest and he took a step to her, his eyes inviting her to thrash on him.
“I hate what you’ve become,” another thump into his chest, tears filling her eyes.
“I hate what you’re making me do,” a lighter thump and Giles inched forward to her.
“I hate what you make me feel,” tears running down her cheeks caught by Giles hand as he caressed her chin.
“I h-hate…” she choked on the words that failed to come out. His compassionate smile and kind eyes melted her heart.

“I love you,” she whispered, disgusted that her heart was betraying her mind. Everything about it was wrong but she couldn’t help what she felt; she truly loved him. Buffy watched Giles lean into her, embracing her with his warm welcoming arms. It was all she could do to breathe as he pulled her body close to his, hands moving up her back to rest on the back of her head. The sorcerer’s fingers entwined in her hair and she closed her eyes, trembling with anticipation of the first touch of his lips.
Nuzzling his nose to hers, his mouth gently brushing along her swollen lips. He teased her with the heat of his breath, the sweet scent of his flesh and the mystical power of his touch.

Their lips joined at last and there was a spark, an undeniable instant of bliss that shattered Buffy’s resolve. She had to love this man with every fiber of her being.

“Make me yours,” Buffy growled and rocked into him, enticing his flesh to stir.

“God y-yes…” he gasped and tasted her lips once more, his tongue pressing for entry into her mouth.

Buffy couldn't control herself, wanting to experience all of him and not wanting to wait any longer. She slipped his raincoat off his shoulders and wrapped her hands around his firm butt, grinding into his groin with her hips. She could feel the throbbing of his rising member against her rocking pelvis and craved to feel it's pulsing against her skin. He let his hands roam her body, encouraging her dance with occasional guidance from his fingers, clawing at her taunt bottom.

Giles touch was intoxicating. Buffy relished the sensation of his silken lips kissing along her neck She pulled his face to her chest, urging him to explore her body. He responded with tender kisses and nibbles along her heated flesh as he drew her shirt over her head. She knelt down onto her knees and began to unbuckle Giles belt. A quick glance up at him made her wince, his eyes had changed into the blacken pools she dreaded. Buffy was undaunted, she loved him regardless and had to show him. She continued to undress him, closing her eyes as his fingers ran through her hair with an odd tingling sensation. With a ribbon of supernatural light, his touch caused euphoria in her mind. It was magic, beyond what she'd felt with Ethan. The pure power of it was invigorating. Every cell was singing with energy, it was addictive. She looked up at him in a lustful trance; unable to care whether it was Giles or his darker alter ego. She wanted him. He ripped his sweater off as she unbuttoned his jeans. Giles shadowy eyes stared down at her as she slipped her fingers under the fabric, caressing his groin with curious fingers. He let out a groan as her motion hastened and her fingers encased him. She pulled the clothes down and smiled at the treat she'd revealed. She leaned forward and nuzzled against his flesh, feeling him tense against her cheek. As she looked up, his hands closed around her head and pulled her to him. She grinned and kissed along his thigh, teasing him with a light brush of her tongue on the moisten head. She tilted her head up to face him. His emerald eyes looked down at her, longing to feel her. Buffy sighed with relief at the return of those eyes. It mattered, she needed to know he was there. She licked down the length of his penis and tickled the tip with her tongue. She kissed his hardened member with tenderness that made Giles hold his breath, hungering for more. She guided him down to the floor and laid him on his back, running her fingers down his torso and finally wrapping around his cock with a surprising vigor. He moaned as Buffy's lips encircled him, swallowing as much of him as she could. It was too much for him; he gently pulled her face away, cupping her chin in his hand.

"Come here," he whispered, gripping her arms and sliding her body over his until her face hovered over him. His fingers caressed her cheek as he stared into her beautiful eyes. Buffy smiled and leaned into his hand, taking his thumb into her mouth, suckling.

"You are so beautiful," he whispered and pulled her mouth to his, kissing her tenderly as his hands moved down around her hips. He slipped down under her and kissed her breasts, wrapping his arms around her as his tongue drew delicate circles around her nipples. His fingers ran along her spine and down her butt, brushing lightly over her moistened lips. Buffy's body reverberated under the sensation of his touch. Her reaction spurred him on; he rolled her over onto her back and licked along her abdomen until pausing just above his final destination. He glanced up, as if wanting reassurance it was ok for him to continue. Buffy decided to give him the same answer she'd been given, her fingers entangled in his hair and pulled him to her. Giles fingers rubbed along her; encouraging juices to flow and flesh to pulse. The perfume of her scent was too inviting, he needed to taste her, pleasure her as she had him. His tongue glided along her slick folds with an eager energy.

Buffy bucked under the attention Giles rained on her, his tongue expressing the unbridled passion he'd buried for so long. She savored every stroke, every prod. Then it was different. There was an urgency with his ministrations and Buffy felt a shock run through her flesh, an uninhibited pulse of energy, magic. The power seized her once again, taking every ounce of willpower she had. It was so strong and she welcomed it as it tore through her, taking control.

"Giles...please..." she moaned, pulling his face to hers. "I need!"

"Then take all of me," His eyes black with possession of dark magic, he plunged into her with wanton lust. No recognition of the tenderness before, no sign of the Giles she loved, only the dark sorcerer remained and a sick hint of her wanted him. He thrust into her, drawing out a raw gasp from Buffy that she couldn't hold back. Her body screamed with pain and pleasure as Giles plunged deeper, sending waves of blistering heat through her tensed limbs. She realized the magic that was coursing through her would kill a normal person. She was loosing him; he was going to kill her if she didn't do something.

She glanced up at the sorcerers face, now distorted by dark veins and eyes black with malevolence. It had to end. Buffy's fingertips tangled into his hair, getting a tight grip, ready to end his life.

'It's Giles,' she thought, staring at his passionate face, eyes clenched with concentration, drawing his body near as he thrust deeply into her. Buffy knew what she should do, what she had to do but couldn't bring herself to act. She could snap Giles neck with ease, ending his rampage with one swift motion but her heart wouldn't let her. She loved him and she would sacrifice everything for him. 'Damn the world,' she thought, pulling his lips to hers as she raised her hips to meet his. Their bodies joined with uninhibited ferocity, fingers clawing at flesh and mouths feeding their savage appetites.

They escaped into each other, neither one feeling the change in the room, the atmosphere surrounding them thickening. Electricity flickered in the air as Buffy moaned into Giles neck, spurring him on. He sat upright and pulled her from the floor to his lap, guiding her to wrap her legs around him and engulf him once again. Buffy rode him with unquestioning passion, magical energies encircling her as she drove him toward his orgasm.

Ethan's form coalesced in the shadows of the room. He took a step forward and paused at the all to familiar scene. His heart sank witnessing Giles and Buffy in the thrall of passion; their bodies' entangled within the others, neither one realizing the dangers in store. It was eerily reminiscent of the death of Randall. He knew Ripper would never have told Buffy what really happened that night.

Ethan didn't want Buffy to get harmed so she had to see him coming. His grip on the sword was so tight; he was loosing the feeling in his fingers. He approached the lovers quietly, knowing that stealth was of the utmost importance, Ripper had to be taken unaware. The couple worked their bodies in ecstasy, expressing their love for each other with every movement as streamers of light flowed around them.

It was simple really, wait until the obvious moment and strike. But Ethan felt his disposition uncertain. After all, this was his friend and at one time so much more. And what if he hit Buffy? He willed himself forward and raised the sword, readying the blade.

Buffy gasped for breath as Giles continued to enter her, luring her to let herself go. She moaned into his ear as one powerful thrust push her to the brink. Wanting to witness his pleasure, she opened her eyes. Torrents of magic were washing over them as she saw a figure approaching beyond the storm. Ethan's face became clear in her vision as he stepped through the blanket of lights. His eyes pleading for forgiveness as he drew back the blade, prepared to attack.

"I love you," she whispered into Giles ear, tears filling her eyes. She rocked, crying out at the pleasure and agony of the moment.

"I love you," Giles gasped as he spilled into her, draining every ounce of himself with one final plunge.

Ethan felt a tear trickle down his cheek and stood poised and ready, but not able; the blade mere inches away from Giles flesh.

Buffy pulled Giles to her, embracing him with all that remained of her strength and dove them both toward Ethan. Ethan could only watch in horror as the blade pierced Giles back, running him through and continuing until Buffy cried out at the cold metal slicing though her.

"No...Buffy!" he gasped, watching the blood run down the blade, over the guard and down the handle to his hand. He released the weapon and stumbled back, unable to comprehend what had happened.

Giles gasped for breath, his eyes wild with shock as he looked down at Buffy and realized what she had done, what she'd sacrificed. The skewered lovers collapsed to the floor, staring into each other's eyes.

"B-Buffy...n-no...why?" Giles struggled to catch his breath, feeling his lungs failing him and the majicks struggle to heal his injured frame.

Buffy smiled weakly as she choked to speak. Her hand shakily brushed along his cheek as tears streamed down hers, "I can't...I can't live in a world without...without you," she whispered, placing a tender kiss on his lips. "I-I love..." Buffy's eyes went wide as she gurgled her last breath, her head bowing to the floor silenced. An anguished cry escaped Giles lips. His tear-filled eyes stared into hers as his body was finally unbound by the dark majicks and went limp. He died in her arms.

Ethan fell to his knees, not able to accept the tragedy he'd just performed. It wasn't supposed to end this way. The atmosphere was filled with the remains of dark magicks, floating and stirring around the dead lovers. It was then that Ethan understood what could happen when mortals played with magic beyond their understanding. He vowed it would never happen again.

In a flash, his mind blanked with the shock of energies rushing through his flesh. His muscles tensed under the strain of the electricity that juiced through his veins. The power of the intrusion was overwhelming. His mind exploded with sensations he'd never known, revealing a world of opportunities and experiences waiting for him. The whole of his being screamed out for more as the majicks grew accustomed to their new host.

His muscles relaxed and he caught his breath, chuckling as the magic settled within him. "Where to begin..." Ethan smiled, his eyes black with magic and hate. "Perhaps a visit to the Council of Watcher's is in order." He looked at the blood of the lovers staining his hand and ran a coated finger along his lips, tasting the strange fluid with a grin. "And that lovely Willow...she needs a little lesson as well." In a gust of wind and flash of light, the sorcerer was gone.

The End.