Conversations Part 3

The morning was a quiet one, Buffy and Ethan waking up and preparing for the ride to the next town. Without speaking more than a few words to each other, they gathered their things, got on the motorcycle and drove to a small suburb. The seriousness of the situation was finally sinking in and both people were deep in thought on the next plan of action. Ethan pulled them into a small alleyway beside a pub and parked the motorcycle behind some garbage cans.

"I think it best to keep moving. Council will be on our heals until we can fly out of here. We can stay here tonight." Ethan removed the bag and began to walk to the entrance of the pub.

"Um…I hate to bring this up but what are we going to doing? I mean…we need to do something. What are we doing?"

"Staying alive." He continued to walk. Buffy hurried to catch up.

"We have to do more. We don't know what he's going to do." She walked beside him as they rounded the corner.

"We'll discuss this inside."

Buffy was miffed at his short answers. 'Giles could be out there…hurting…killing people,' she hated thinking about it.

As they went through the heavy wood door, an old hefty man with an unkempt beard greeted them. He eyed the couple with a raised brow.

"We need a room." Ethan smiled. Buffy noticed the old man look at her and back at Ethan, sizing up the strange duo.

"Separate beds," Buffy wanted to clarify the situation. The old man smiled as he opened his ledger.

"We'll take whatever's available…won't we sugar bear?" Ethan had an insidious twinkle in his eye as he looked at Buffy.


"Merlin," Ethan smiled as he noticed Buffy roll her eyes.

The old man pulled out the keys and handed them to Buffy. "Keep an eye on this one."

"I intend to!

The room was small but cozy enough for Buffy's taste. Anything was better than camping under the stars. Her eyes fell on the single bed centered along the far wall.

"I'm sure you'll be quite happy on the floor," Ethan set his bag on the bed and spread out across the tempting mattress.

"What happened to chivalry?" Buffy tried to act offended but felt her lips curl into a smile.

"I will gladly share the accommodations," he closed his eyes, relishing the comfort of the bed.

Buffy closed the door and walked over to the bed, carefully taking a seat on the edge. Once she felt the soft cushioning of the comforter, she lost her stubbornness.

"Oh…my…god…" she flopped flat on her back and savored the feeling of the soft mattress forming around her, "…This is better than sex."

"Then you're not doing it right."

She glanced out of the corner of her eye and saw Ethan lying on his side, propped up on an elbow and grinning at her. "What are we doing?" She needed her answer.

"I don't know…what are we doing?" Ethan's tone was low and soft; his eyes looking intently at her, deep in thought.

"You wanted to discuss this inside…we're inside," Buffy's impatience was showing, "What is the plan…how do we stop Giles?"

"Giles…" his gaze fell to the comforter, "…of course." He sat up and remembered the conversation they had while entering the hotel. "We keep moving and we wait."

"For what?"

"For him to contact us," Ethan stood up and began to shuffle through the bag again.

"Seems to me he may try to avoid us…well, me anyway." Buffy didn't like the plan; too many things could happen before they catch up with him.

"No. He'll contact you."

"How can you be so sure?" Buffy sat up, intrigued by his certainty.

"It's all about you Buffy. Always been about you," he pulled out a wad of bills and tucked them in his jeans pocket.

Buffy watched him walk over to the door. "Wait…are we done here? Where are you going?" She stood up, ready to try and stop him from leaving.

"I'm going to look around town a bit. Have a shower and I'll meet you in the pub at 4:00pm."

Buffy looked at her watch, 12:00pm. Lots of time to kill. She wondered what he was going to do, really.

"You want that pint or not?" He looked back at her with a strained grin, almost looking a bit upset at something. She figured he'd be more talkative if he had a few drinks in him so she nodded.

"4:00pm. Meet you there." Buffy watched him close the door and immediately wanted to call Willow and Dawn, warn them about Giles escape. She quickly abandoned the thought when she remembered what she'd told Dawn. Buffy wanted her little sister in blissful ignorance of Giles behavior so she told Dawn that Giles was helping the Council with a special project. Buffy had left under the false pretense that the Watchers needed the Slayer to do some tests. It wasn't very creative or believable but it had to do.

Buffy decided to heed Ethan's suggestion and get cleaned up, then she looked at the bed which still captivated her and she decided to lay down for a minute. Once her head hit the pillow, she was out.

The pub was small and very empty, giving Buffy a relaxed feeling that she could talk freely without any curious eavesdroppers. They took a table in the back, near an exit. An older lady approached them and waited impatiently for the couple to order. Buffy wondered if it would be impolite to ask for a menu.

"Guiness, two," Ethan ordered and smiled at Buffy. "You must be starving. What'll you have?"

"I don't suppose you serve burgers and fries?" Buffy looked almost embarrassed at the question.

"I think we could manage that. And you?" She scribbled on a little pad as she waited for Ethan to answer.

"Caesar salad and some rolls…sourdough if possible, please."

The woman raised a curious eyebrow stared at Ethan, waiting for him to admit the joke. When he glanced up expectantly at her she shook her head.

"Alright, luv. Be a moment for the pints," She disappeared into the small kitchen.

"Cheap date," Buffy smiled, surprised by his choice of meal.

"Haven't seen me drink," he chuckled and looked toward the exit then back again. "At my age, you have to start watching the diet," he glided a finger across a little notch in the wooden tabletop. Buffy noticed him avoiding eye contact with her, looking again at the exit and watching the entrance as if expecting someone.

"Technically, we should all watch our diets. Or is chocolate an excepted food group now?" She wanted to lighten the mood, get him comfortable, and then bleed him for every bit of information he knew. It was one of her hidden talents she rarely got to use. "I was reading in Vogue last week that cocoa butter is good for the skin but Cosmo retaliated with a investigative report on the effects of…"

"Do you have any idea how much Ripper loves you?" Ethan said it so softly, Buffy almost asked him to repeat the question until the meaning of the words sunk in and she could only sit and stare at him, speechless. Ethan's face was filled with gloom, waiting for a response from his unlikely date. "You haven't a clue. Figured as much."

With the most unfortunate timing, the old woman returned with two huge mugs full of a dark brew Buffy had never seen before. Ethan immediately chugged down half his beer and slid Buffy's mug closer to her.

"Drink. That's an order!" He took a little sip of his to encourage her.

"I've had a bad beer experience. You don't want to see me drunk…hard on the wallpaper," she smiled politely and watched the hypnotic milky rainstorm brewing in her pint. "Is it supposed to do that?"

Ethan examined her glass and smiled at her naiveté. "Yes luv. That's what makes it special. Much like you." He chugged the rest of his beer as Buffy watched, drinking like a professional. He motioned for two more and the old woman nodded.

"I'm like beer? Not getting the association here," she lifted the mug to her lips and let the frothy head touch her lips, licking the foam with the tip of her tongue. It was dark and wheaty but enticing. She decided to give the new taste a try and took a sip.

"You're special. Because what you have inside is so unique. You have a storm within you Buffy," Ethan's face flushed with his seriousness and his eyes quickly glanced to the exit again, giving him a chance to regroup his thoughts.

"Why are you getting all poetic on me?" She smirked and took a gulp of her beer, then another. The old woman returned with more pints and shot Ethan a disapproving gaze.

"You best wait to get some food in your belly before drinking that luv," the old woman suggested to Buffy.

"Thank you," Buffy smiled and took a few sips of her beer, surprised she had drunk half of the dark brew. "What's with all the symbolism?" she pulled her attentions back to Ethan.

"You wanted to know what I knew and when I knew it?"

"Um…yes…I think so," Buffy could already feel the effects of alcohol in her system and considered regarding the old ladies suggestion. After a quick and heated internalized discussion, she decided to throw caution to the wind and relax. Besides, if Ethan didn't see she was willing to drink and talk, he wouldn't be either.

"To put it plainly…Willow was the match, you are the fuel!" Ethan started on his next beer, knowing his explanation wasn't going to be to the Slayer's liking.

"Um…dumb it down a little. You're blaming Willow and me?" Buffy gulped a mouthful of her new favorite beer.

The old woman brought out the meals and could see Buffy was already tipsy, "Eat up, you need to fill up before that second beer, luv."

"Thank you," Buffy couldn't help but feel everyone was trying to protect her from Ethan. They had good reason to worry but Buffy was enjoying the challenge of keeping him at bay; though she did secretly like the flirting he attempted at awkward times.

"Rip…" Ethan sighed at his habit, "…Rupert had something awaken within him that night he faced Willow. The red Witch isn't to blame for the transformation though. You have that honor."

Buffy's face grew angry. "How is it my fault? I was nowhere near him when his so called transformation happened." She chugged the rest of her first beer and slammed it down.

Ethan took a drink and nodded, "That's why he blossomed into the lovely little butterfly we all know and despise."

"Huh?" Her blank expression made Ethan want to chuckle but he knew such a reaction could cause him serious bodily harm if she was as angry as he figured she was.

"Rupert loves you. He's loved you longer than he would want to admit to," he noticed Buffy's harsh expression soften.

"Been there…Travers said he has a fathers love, blah, blah, blah! How does this old news make this fiasco my fault?"

Ethan slammed his mug to the table and pointed a firm finger at the stunned Slayer. "Listen here princess…Rupert loves you. Not parental love, not friendship love, not first bloody crush love! Get it? He loves you…as in with all his heart, as in he lives and breathes you. Why can't you see it? Why can't you get that through that lovely thick skull?" He paused as he glimpsed a tear trickle down her cheek. He pulled out a handkerchief and offered it to her. She took it and quickly wiped her eyes, obviously embarrassed to show such weakness in front of the old foe.

"When he left, he failed to realize how it would effect him. Rumors were rampant of his drinking and self-destruction. When the coven bestowed their powers to him, he was ready to end it…sacrifice himself for the sake of saving Willow and you…mostly you. Things didn't work out as planned." Ethan paused to gulp down his drink.

"So Willow slipped him a magical Mickey. She didn't mean to…"

"No, she intended to kill him."

"We don't know that."

"Have it your way, luv. The important point here is Ripper's turn for the worse happened because he couldn't face life without you. That self-destructive spark caused a ripple effect in him. The magicks found his pain and loneliness and twisted it, creating the Giles we see now. A Giles that would have been prevented had you given him the time of day," Ethan was tired of scolding her; he needed another beer. He motioned for two more beers, knowing Buffy would soon follow his example and finish off her other pint.

Buffy was in full defensive mode, "How dare you try to…"

"Not interested in your excuses, princess. Eat your food. We'll finish this discussion in the privacy of our room." Ethan poked at his salad, waiting to see if Buffy would follow his instructions. To his surprise, she did. They ate in silence, Buffy contemplating the development Ethan had opened her eyes to; the feelings she never admitted existed but felt were always there. Giles loved her. Even a pig like Ethan could see it, why didn't she?

After finishing their meals and beers, the odd duo returned to their room. Ethan closed the door behind him and tossed the keys on the bed. He glanced at Buffy who leaned against the door, staring at the floor.

"If you're at all interested…Ripper still loves you. That much hasn't changed," Ethan walked over to the window and looked out into the night. "You were in danger at Council headquarters. The Council wanted something from Ripper he wasn't willing to give so they threatened to hold you hostage until he cooperated. He did what he did back there to prevent you from capture."

Buffy stared at the back of Ethan's head, wanting to believe his words but finding doubt in her heart. "You knew?" "He told me," Ethan turned around with shame tinted across his face. "I didn't know he was going to kill anyone, really." He took a step towards her, holding out a hand to accentuate his plea of innocence.

"He called me…as he did you. With a little magical mind play from Ripper, the Council had me released under their jurisdiction. I was to keep Ripper under control…" Ethan chuckled, "Bleedin' idiots. Haven't a clue what they're up against." The sorcerer saw the anguished expression on Buffy's face and felt sorry for her, this was a lot to take in. 'Ripper, you're right…she's damned beautiful…even when she's upset.'

'I don't want to think about it. No more…please. This is…is too much,' Buffy stared blankly at the floor, trying to clear her thoughts and her heart of Giles. She had a job to do, destroy Giles, regardless of what Ethan said. Giles was killing people and it was her duty to stop him. 'Why does he have to love me? Why do I have to love…'

"You haven't said anything for bit luv. Are you still in there, somewhere?" Ethan stepped toward her.

'Shut up!' she thought.

"A bit harsh…fine, I'll let you stew in your own self-loathing for a while." Ethan lay down across the length of the bed and patted the mattress. "But if you'd like to get your mind off things…"

"You did it again. You read my thoughts!" Buffy stepped towards him, ready for a fight, anything to get her mind off Giles and her mixed emotions on the matter.

"Sorry luv. Just comes naturally to me now." He smiled warmly, standing up and taking a few steps toward her. 'She's a vixen…this one. Gotta have a bit of magic in her to get me all riled up like this. Then again…anything with a pulse gets a rise outta me.'

"Leave me alone!" She yelled. 'Don't leave me…' she thought. She'd felt so alone back at Council headquarters, she really wanted to know she had someone with her now.

"You seem a bit conflicted, princess. Can I help sort things out for you?" Another step, his hormones stirring with every movement.

"Ethan, I don't want you in my head!" Buffy stood her ground, her stomach filled with nervous tingles.

"Or anything else apparently!" Ethan's uncompromising eyes stared with a lustful gaze.

Buffy shook her head, wanting her mind free of the troubling thoughts haunting her. She begged for a second of relief from her confusion, from the whole ordeal. As Ethan cautiously inched toward her, she sensed his arousal and it stirred something within her. Pure animalistic instinct was making her yearn for attention, regardless of who gave it to her. 'Take him…let yourself go. Who would know?'

"I can keep that lovely mind occupied for a time," He took another step towards her, watching her eyes examine him with curiosity. 'Let me have you….worship you.'

"What makes you think I have any interest in a scoundrel like you?" Ethan searched Buffy's eyes for a hint of the desire he was feeling. It was all he could do not to throw her against the wall and ravish her. She was more powerful than he could imagine and he wanted to taste that power, fill that power with his own.

"What is it about you that makes men want to bleed for a single touch?" His voice was cracking under the strain of lust for her. It was that line that got her, she wanted him.

"I don't know…but I thank god for it," Buffy stepped backwards away from him and he followed her, stalking her, not wanting any space to intrude on the heat radiating between them. "Are you working the dark mojo on me?" She took another step back.

"No, luv. Whatever you're feeling is your own," he moved toward her until her back pressed up against the wall. "I could take you if I wished." She stepped forward, making a defiant a stand in her withdrawal.

"What's stopping you?"


She waited for the first touch, not knowing how her eager body would react. This was a dangerous man; one who'd tried to kill her and her friends on numerous occasions. But Buffy's body wouldn't question the source of her pleasure, it simply screamed for satisfaction.

Ethan glided a finger along her hip, slipping his fingers underneath the fabric of her sweatshirt. Her skin was warm and soft, enticing.

"Tell me…tell me what you want." His other hand tucked behind her, fingers tracing a pattern on the small of her back. She knew he had to be working some magic on her; she wanted him so bad she could smell his desire.

Buffy's body reacted without a thought, muscles tensing with the slightest texture of his skin.

"I hold the fate of the world in my hands…the least I deserve is a good fuck!" Her own ears couldn't believe the words that had escaped her mouth. But what was spoken was the simple truth; all she craved at that moment in time was to feel the pleasure of a man penetrating her, taking her. 'Why not?' She thought offering a seductive gaze at Ethan who smiled at the invitation. He leaned in to kiss her and she held him back.

"You know I'm thinking of him when you touch me?" She wanted no misunderstanding of the arrangement; she was using him.

"I don't care. You know I don't love you?" Ethan admitted, wanting to allow her a final chance to avoid the mistake he knew she would regret in the morning.

"Who said anything about love?"

With that, her lips sought his. The prickly hairs of his chin scratched at her as he enveloped her mouth. They battled for control of the kiss, taking turns biting and sucking at the others lips. The heat between them made Buffy want to gasp for air but as soon as she parted her lips, her tongue was assaulted by his. Buffy pulled back and examined Ethan's face, considering the man before her. He gazed back at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Second thoughts?" He whispered. Buffy smiled at Ethan's mumbled groan as she pulled his waist to hers. She could feel his throbbing cock through his slacks, encouraging his stiffening passion by rubbing her thigh against him. With a snap of his fingers, her jeans unbuttoned and he parted her legs with his knee. A forceful hand slipped into her jeans and Buffy's head fell back with a gasp as his fingers plunged into her core. Fingertips teasing her moist walls to tighten with every stroke, Buffy reached for something to hold onto. Ethan's legs buckled as her grip found his swollen manhood. He prayed her Slayer strength wouldn't tear him to shreds as he continued to explore within her.

"You feel like silk." Ethan's hand slipped out of her jeans and guided the fabric down her legs. "I must taste you."

Buffy watched with breathless anticipation as he sank to his knees like a humble servant.

"You're so beautiful. You deserve better," he stared at the delicately shaped patch of hair enticing him for attention.

"I don't want better…I want you!" She threaded her fingers through his ashen hair and pulled his head to her, pleading for him to consume her.

"Well said, luv," he smiled at her brutal honesty and vowed to bring such pleasure to her that she'd be spoiled for any other man. He wrapped a supportive hand around her leg and buried his face into her moist cavern with unbridled fury, licking every fold, a spell on his lips with every breath.

Buffy's body exploded with senses unknown to her. Ethan worked magic within her, coaxing energies to pulse along her flesh. Nerves tingled with the touch of his tongue and she could feel him drawing upon her power to drive him further. Her fingers grasped his hair, commanding him on. The simple reward of her taste nearly brought him to the verge of loosing control. He needed to take her soon or chance wasting his pent up passion on polishing the floor with his seed.

"I want you in me…now!" She could get use to this commanding thing; she'd never had such control over a man before and was enjoying her new role. Ethan guided her to step out of her bunched up jeans and lie down on the floor. He began to disrobe before her. She watched him reveal his flesh to her one article at a time. He was different from anyone she'd been with. Tall and lean with taunt muscles stretching down his long abdomen, punctuated with a distended cock that stole her breath away. As the last item of clothes slipped off his feet, he searched her face for emotion, awaiting his next instruction.

"Last call, luv. What's the verdict?" He already had his answer but craved making her squirm, but in short order for the sake of his sanity.

"Ethan…fuck me," she almost giggled at the sound of those words being said with her voice; she was such a slut.

"As you've never had it before," he promised and blanketed her small frame with his, edging his waist between her legs. His eyes stared deeply into hers as he thrust forward, penetrating her with uncompromising vigor. Buffy moaned as his girth stretched her, filling her whole. He paused, taking in the sensation of joining with the Slayer, savoring the hidden strength he'd recognized and she was oblivious to. Her fleshy walls tensed around his member, waiting for his next stroke. He complied, slowly withdrawing his length and teasing her with the tip, dipping the head enough to bring out the hunger within her. She cupped her hands around his ass, pulling him into her, smiling at the moan she'd forced from him as his cock pressed deep within her. He began to move with a rhythm that created a wake of mystical sensation within her, like nothing she'd every felt before. She decided magic had its advantages. Ethan plunged into her, determined to make his mark in her memory and she appreciated every moment of it. As the tempo hastened, Ethan could sense Buffy reaching her release and breathlessly whispered his final spell.

Buffy opened her eyes to see the beautiful features of Giles longingly gazing into her eyes. She almost cried at the sight of him, his stunning green eyes twinkling with a brilliance that shamed the sun and brightened her heart. Buffy knew it was an illusion but a welcome one. She allowed herself to fall into the deception, playing it to it's fullest as she climaxed with Giles touch, Giles gaze, and Giles passion. That's when she knew she was his, always meant to be, destined.

Finally sated, the odd couple laid beside one another, silent. Buffy looked over to see Ethan's face had returned. They remained quiet, both fixating on their own serenity, considering their actions and repercussions.

"Why?" Buffy couldn't understand why Ethan would do such thing.

"Means to an end. I got mine, luv…that's all I care about." He said groggily, rolling away from her.

"I don't buy it. Why?"

After a moment of deep thought Ethan smiled, "Because…he was my Ripper long before he was your Giles!"

Buffy didn't really understand his meaning but she didn't want to press the issue. She could tell he was worn out and falling asleep as his breathing became deep and steady.

Buffy knew he didn't want to admit to what he'd done. She could understand; she was in the same situation. "Thanks," she planted a soft kiss on his ear and tried to settle off into sleep.

Part 4...