Cold Front
Part 4 of 4

"Slayer wants to see me?" Spike asked for the third time as the very impatient ex-vengeance demon pulled him along the street. "Are you sure? I mean... it's only been a couple weeks."

"Yes already," Anya was growing more impatient by the second. Couldn't Spike just cooperate with her charade? "We have to hurry."

"What? Why?" Spike asked suspiciously and halted the progress toward Buffy's place.

Anya shot him an annoyed glare and rolled her eyes, "Cause she's all emotional and needy right now. She wants you now!" Anya took hold of his wrist and started to drag him along again.

"She's usually a pit bull when it comes to holdin' grudges. Buffy isn't one to pass out forgiveness so..."

"Giles left, thanks to you. Ok...happy? She's lonely... now's your chance big boy!" Anya suggested with an irritated wave.

"Right. Of course," Spike nodded with satisfaction. "Watcher skips town and I sweep in to piece together the broken splinters of her shattered heart." Spike paused when he noticed Anya's raised brow at his poetic turn. "Sorry... old habits die hard."

"You want her or not? Slayer's not getting any riper," Anya pointed down the street and Spike smiled.

"Yeah... all right," he strutted confidently on down the street and Anya followed along, hoping her plan would work.

Buffy hadn't realized what she'd done until she felt the chill of Giles' lips pressed against hers. They remained motionless, their minds failing to comprehend the sensation of the intimate bonding. She hadn't intended to kiss him. It was as if her body had overridden her mind, as if her heart had taken over. But once their lips touched, she couldn't pull away. He'd called to her, not by voicing his need or animating it with a gesture but by calling to her with his soul. Nothing she'd ever done seemed more right than kissing him at that moment.

His mouth was so inviting, Buffy had to prevent herself from moving too fast. She delicately pinched his bottom lip between hers and Giles released an uneven breath, apparently unable to accept her action. After a flicker of doubt, he strained to lift himself to her to deepen the contact. The chill started to fade as she moved to give the same appreciative attention to his upper lip, his lips parting and pressing firmly to savor hers. He was letting her to do what she'd wanted to do weeks back, and she wasn't about to disappoint him. The kiss intensified and Buffy couldn't hold back her urge to taste those amazing lips. She glided the tip of her tongue along his mouth and was met with an approving nibble as Giles brought a trembling hand up and drew her face closer, wanting more of her. The frosty touch of his fingers reminded her of her original intention and she continued to massage his muscles, driving out the heat she tasted in his kiss.

He'd never dreamed it possible, to want something forbidden to him so badly. But with every compress of Buffy's lips and sway of her hips, Giles could feel his longing for her grow. She had to know it, to feel it pressing against her as she worked to draw life back into his dying limbs. And though his conscious held firm to the belief that they shouldn't move any further, his body revolted all notions of stopping her advances. Another gentle rock of her pelvis and Giles let out a soft moan as his groin pulsed alive at the movement. He trailed his fingers down her back, eager to caress every curve and mound until his hand came to rest on the small of her back. As her tongue swiped along his, her hips pressed more urgently to him, causing a wave of heat to radiate throughout his chilled frame.

Buffy's skin tingled from the feather-light motion of Giles' fingertips along the curve of her spine. His touch was magnetic, luring her to explore more of him. With a sultry dip of his tongue between her lips, Giles captured her mouth in an impassioned kiss and pulled her hips into him. She sighed with anticipation as his firm yet tender hand slipped beneath her silken panties and cupped her bottom. His muscles constricted beneath her, reacting to her enticing shape. Buffy smiled at the arousing lump, pulsing and rising to gain her attention. The chill was weakening, she was making progress and it felt so good.

As Giles other hand slipped under the material of her bra, Buffy gasped at the intimacy. He directed her body over his; pausing once her silken draped breasts brushed along his chin. Without hesitation, she tore the fabric away, inviting him to carry on. With heated breaths, Giles tried to sense the shape of her nude peaks, developing an impression of her in his mind as the air bounced and moved along her flesh. He brushed his nose to her sweet scented skin and paused with fascination as her nipple firmed under his slight touch. Without warning, Buffy collapsed, blanketing him with her bosom as he tenderly accepted her offering, nuzzling and appreciating her.

Buffy was beyond anything he'd ever experienced, beyond anything he'd ever dreamed. As she softly giggled and sighed from his discovery of her, he silently thanked who ever was responsible for bringing them together. He would gladly suffer any torment to meet this end, though he never wished her any pain. If only they'd followed another path, ignored their pride and forgotten their stubbornness. Who knows what could have come from their pairing. But it didn't matter now. They were together.

Giles placed light tickling pecks along her breast until endowing her enthusiastic flesh with a single probing lick of the nipple to draw out her buried passion. Her powerful thigh pressed against his groin as he feasted on her breast, persuading him to prolong his exploration. His hand dipped further between her legs and skimmed modestly over her moistened curls, drawing out a low hum of delighted from the young woman above him. Buffy's pleasure of his activity encouraged him to delve further and he glided a finger through her sultry curls, feeling the welcoming heat of her flesh as she shifted to accept his ministration. He craved it, the unrestrained passion that hid within her, the undeniable heat. As he rubbed harder, Buffy moaned her liking and moved lower to pass along the enjoyment to him. She met his attentions with an unhindered grasp of his groin, impatiently slipping her hand beneath the shield of his underpants and grasping his throbbing member with reckless abandon. Giles gasped at the unexpected hold, his cock stirring with uncontainable spasms in her grip as she claimed his flesh for her own. A surge of heat radiated from his body and he caught a glimpse of her devious smile through the eerie glow reflecting off her face.

It was then they realized what was needed to free them, to save Giles' life. But it didn't matter. They could no more stop their actions than a speeding train could stop. Giles wanted her, Buffy wanted him and nothing could stand in their way.

"You brought Spike?" Xander yelled. "This is your brilliant plan?"

"Plan?" Spike raised a confused eyebrow and looked at Xander.

"Shut up Harris!" Anya warned. He could ruin everything if he said anything more.

"Anya... I don't see how Spike..."

"Wil... S-Spike can help Buffy. Remember?" Tara smiled knowingly and stepped forward to offer her help. She tugged the sleeve of Willow's shirt in an attempt to pass along her understanding of Anya's intention. After a moment of contemplation, Willow's eyes grew wide and she grinned with recognition.

"Yeah..." Willow looked at Xander and Dawn. "Spike's the only one who can get through to Buffy now." She exaggerated the "get through" part of her comment and Dawn caught on. Xander was still at a loss for the situation, gazing angrily at the intruding vampire who took some steps toward the house.

"What's with the ice?" he asked and glanced back at Dawn.

"Were having a party," Dawn spurted out.

"Huh?" Xander turned toward the young lady, completely bewildered by her explanation.

"Yeah...those are the decorations," Tara offered. "Buffy needs your help."

"No! She doesn't," Xander growled and stormed toward Spike, grabbing his arm and trying to lead him away. Spike pulled free and gave Xander a mild push.

"Back off. Buffy wants me... she'll have me!"

"There will be no *having* here of any kind. Not by you dead boy!" Xander ordered.

Dawn anxiously pulled Xander away from the confrontation and whispered, "Giles...Buffy...Spike. Get it?" He finally understood what the idea was and jerked back around with a friendly grin.

"Sorry. Um...Yeah, Buffy needs you," he chuckled nervously. "But she's locked herself in the house. We can't get to her."

"Maybe you can break in?" Anya suggested.

"You lot are bloody know that?" Spike snickered. "Of course I can break in... I've done it before."

Giles longed to ravish her but his body still struggled to ward off the unnatural sickness overshadowing his desire for her. There was a certain significant shimmer in Buffy's eyes; it was as if she'd read his mind. She shifted to lay beside him and leaned forward, kissing him tenderly and patiently as she maneuvered the material out of her way and then worked to remove the abused remains of her own clothes. He gazed up at her beautiful face, adoring her selflessness as she returned above him.

Buffy straddled over his waist and then gently settled upon him, blanketing his willing flesh with her unveiled sex, warming him with the sensual embrace. She didn't want to rush it, didn't want to hurry him into the act. They remained static, smiling, totally absorbed in each other and in the moment.

After a quick exchange of loving glances, she began to rock, slow and constant, gliding her dampened folds along his stiffened shaft. It was remarkable, the power her touch had over him. The heat generated by the friction of their bodies was undeniably potent and he wanted more. Giles placed his hands on her waist, directing her rhythm with delicate assertiveness. He subtly quicken the pace, longing to press into her as she grinded along him, compelling the heat to surface.

Buffy's expression grew tense as she moved faster and faster. Giles could see the exhilaration on her face as the stimulation drove both of them towards the edge. With an elongated stroke up the length of him, he held her still for a moment until he could position himself to accept her. In a blinding flash of raw energy, he dove within her as she slid down and they let out a mutual groan of pleasure at the coupling.

He filled her; fit her wholly as no one ever had before. And within the grasp of the sensual embrace, Buffy found her peace and was truly happy.

Giles continued to pilot her, guiding her hips forward and back as he feverishly thrust upward with every stoke, feeling his strength returning with every plunge. She was his salvation and he was determined to reward her for it with every ounce of pleasure he could bring to her. He threw back the blankets and spun her around beneath him, taking control over their lovemaking as he returned within her tantalizing flesh. She pulled him hungrily toward her, propelling him to penetrate her with increasing vigor. He was in paradise, driving her to ecstasy, enraptured with every breath and heartbeat.

"Giles..." she moaned sumptuously and he felt her body quiver, her fleshy walls constricting excitedly around his pulsing muscle.

He leaned down and kissed her gasping mouth, whispering the words he'd ached to speak for much to long a time. "I love you." With that simple phrase, she screamed her delight as her orgasm seized her. He found his release, pouring inside her, offering every bit of himself to her as their bodies exploded with pleasure.

Giles muscles gave out, unable to continue the savage work any longer. Buffy panted and smiled contently as a tear trickled down her cheek. He slowed his movement, unwilling to let go of the feeling of joining with her. He finally came to rest, placing his head on her breast, listening placidly to her heartbeat as it drummed a joyful beat under him.

"I love you, Giles," Buffy whispered and delicately wrapped a curl of his hair around her finger, fascinated by the fine silken texture of the follicles.

"I know," he mumbled, finally accepting her exclamation. "I love you," he said softly, groggily, feeling an overwhelming need to sleep.

The bedroom window shattering into the room broke the tranquil, calm of the scene. The room filled with light as the power kicked back on. The alarmed Watcher sprang to his feet and stood protectively in front of Buffy, waiting for the intruder to reveal itself. Spike leapt through the broken glass and landed clumsily to the floor as Buffy quickly wrapped the blankets around her and shot up to her feet, standing defensively on the mattress, completely stunned.

"What the fuck!" Spike looked up, utterly rattled by the edgy, sweat-glistening, nude figure of Giles looming much too close and looking quite menacing above him.

"They said you'd gone." The shaken vampire shuffled to get to his feet. "Sent me here to help Buffy." He sputtered nervously to the Watcher as the taller man stepped forward, not bothered at all by the fact he was entirely naked. Spike was unsettled by Giles furious stare and looked away, catching a glimpse of a very pissed off Slayer pouncing to the floor to join in on the confrontation. The couple remained silent, glaring irately at the unwanted trespasser.

"They sent me in..." Spike looked around and noticed the weird, rapidly retreating sheets of ice and icicles melting around the walls. "What the bloody hell's going on here?" He demanded and Giles took another threatening step forward, obviously not willing to discuss things. The vampire retreated back to the window and gave Buffy a quick glance. "Guess this means you're off the market then... eh Slayer?" Spike just managed to dodge Giles fist as it flew past his cheek and the man followed through with an uppercut that met its mark, sending the vampire flailing backwards out the broken window and tumbling to the grass below.

Giles stepped up to the widow and peeked out the breach, seeing the pleasantly familiar yet meddlesome gang illuminated by the streetlights. They leisurely surrounded the unintentional hero vampire and gazed up towards the window. Giles flashed the group a brief smile and nodded to them, silently acknowledging their prying into Buffy and his affairs. Buffy stepped up beside him, offering him a bed sheet and looked down, greeted by the gleaming faces of her friends below.

Dawn waved enthusiastically, thrilled to see the couple together, finally. Willow wrapped her arm around Anya and gave her a thankful little squeeze. The ex-vengeance demon quickly brushed her away with her face flushing from the unanticipated affection. Xander gave the Watcher a mischievous wink and turned his attentions on Spike who struggled to his feet.

"So... who knew?" He goaded the bleached-blond vampire. "Guess Buffy doesn't need you after all."

"Wanker!" Spike looked up to see one last glimpse of the Watcher and Slayer silhouetted in the window. "I've got all the time in the world. Old man's not gonna be around forever."

"Maybe not... but he'll be around longer than some people if they don't wise-up and run outta town before sunrise." Xander smiled wickedly and Anya joined beside him, offering her support.

"Right," Spike growled. "I'll have my day. Just wait. And no poncy Watcher's gonna stand in my way."

"He won't have to," Dawn warned and took a stand beside the others.

"So...the ice is gone," Buffy smiled at the show below as Giles wrapped his arm around her waist. "And your leg seems alright."

"Seems so," he lowered his weary gaze to the floor and Buffy was puzzled by his sudden change of attitude.

"We're free," she said happily, not able to figure out his worried expression.

"Hmmm," Giles hummed meekly.

"What is it?"

"Are we ready for this?" he asked softly and glanced over at her with his concern-filled jade eyes and a creased forehead.

"What? Us?" she asked and turned him to face her.

"No..." he smiled uneasily. "Them." He motioned out the window toward the gang who immediately started teasingly mocking them and joking from the vantage point below.

"Woo-hoo. Watcher gets lucky!" Xander yelled and Anya giggled at his ridiculous banter. "I knew there was life in the old G-man."

"But it took a near-death experience to bring it out," Willow chuckled. "Go figure."

"Don't let us interrupt your smoochies. As you were!" Dawn saluted and giggled shyly as she was met with a high-five from an appreciative Xander.

"Yes, you may continue on with your inappropriate sexual relations," Anya chuckled lightly as she tried poorly to join in on the teasing and was met with stern looks and disappointed glances.

Buffy looked up at Giles with a tolerant grin. "Can anyone ever truly be ready for them?"

"I suppose not," he cupped her chin and glided his thumb gently along her bottom lip. "So let's give them something to 'eeww' about," he leaned down and pulled her towards him for a passionate kiss that evoked the intended response from the spectators below, all except Tara who smiled favorably, touched at the oddly romantic reunion.

"Chalk one up for the good guys," she mumbled under her breath and tried to direct the others away to give Buffy and Giles the proper respect, to give them a chance to enjoy the beginning of their new life together.

The End