Greater Good Part 13/27: Curiosity
Spoilers to Season 7.
Summary: Someone seeks out excitement and gets far too much than they asked for.

Just days before, Giles would have prayed for the comfort of company. But things had changed for the worse and such companionship was hazardous in his current condition. For once, he needed to be alone. The hunger was growing, boiling within him and he needed the others to be protected from him and his unnatural temptation.

When the basement door cracked open, Giles cursed the disruption of his meditation and silently pleaded for the intruder to leave. The heavily buckled, black leather boots stepped surprisingly quiet down the stairs and the vampire’s head swam with the alluring scent of the feminine visitor. The pain and anguish of the hunger subsided, being replaced by a familiar yearning. He recognized it was the sickness drawing out his appetite, not necessarily any real desire he had for the shady Slayer, but his body reacted to her presence as she descended the steps. He’d have to work harder to contain the demon.

"I tried talking to Buffy…” Faith’s raspy voice resonated within the empty space of the basement as she stepped closer toward the dim light cast along Giles’ seated silhouette.

“I’m guessing B's not giving out pardons any time soon." She paused a moment to give Giles a quick once-over. He was sitting totally still with thick, dark shadows painting his stressed features, eyes staring intensely at her shoes, his face flinching as he struggled with some disguised dilemma. "Don’t worry…we’re all workin’ to pry that huge stake outta her ass for ya."

“What do you want, Faith?” He asked softly, glancing up an instant then returning to avoiding her inquisitive gaze.

“Just checking in on ya. Making the rounds. How are you?”

“Been better.”

“Yeah… ok, that’s a stupid question.” She shrugged off her embarrassment for the awkward attempt at conversation and shifted her weight back and forth. “I just… with all the craziness of the last couple of days… I wanted to…”


“Please…” she interrupted, “This is hard enough, ok.”

Giles lowered his gaze to the floor, focused on her words rather than the enticing smell emanating from her.

“Everybody’s got their place … got their pep squad. The girls are camping out all over the place, totally spazzing about what’s gonna happen to ‘em. The Scooby gang’s doin’ the old ‘members only’ routine while Anya and the geek are playing board games with the less chatty Potentials. And Spike’s…” She paused for a moment and rolled her eyes as she nervously tapped the sole of one boot against the toe of the other. “I don’t give a flying fuck what fang boy’s up to.” She brushed her fingers nervously through her dark strands. “I just…just need a minute, ok? Gotta get away from those hyperactive brats. I mean… they’re ok and all but they’re driving me insane which isn't a good look for me.”

“There are better places to escape to…” Giles could hear her heart beating. The rhythm was tantalizing. “…if you want to be alone.”

The young woman’s anxious expression grew calm and confident. “But Who says I wanna be alone?” She smirked. After a silent exchange of inquiring glances, she casually took a seat on the bunk beside the restless Watcher and immediately noticed his trembling hands and tensing jaw as she attempted to make herself comfortable.

"You should leave,” Giles spoke gently though he wanted terribly to roar out his frustration. “I'm not safe to be around at the moment."

“You’re lookin’ a bit edgy there, G. There’s rumors a plenty goin’ round that you ain’t feedin’. I’m thinkin’ that’s not the brightest idea for a brainiac like you.”

“It’s unnecessary,” he felt his face flush with a bitter chill as he swallowed down his discomfort. The Watcher could bury the hunger. He was quite practiced at restraint. This was just another kind of pain.

“Last time I checked, vampires required blood. Hate to break it to ya…” Faith slapped a mischievous hand to his thigh and left it there as she leaned in to whisper in his ear, “…you’re one of the toothy gang now.”

An astounding wave of heat radiated up his thigh from her overtly intimate touch and Giles felt the beast emerging.

“Go… please. It’s not safe here.” Giles' warning came out as more of a receptive snarl than a cautionary message.

Faith cocked her head aside to get a better glimpse of Giles’ taut face. She was intrigued by the subtly shifting skin and bulging muscles altering the Watcher's normal features into the demon. To any normal person… to a civilian, the sight would be an unsettling one if not horrific. But to her, it was stimulating; watching the kindly features of someone she considered to be a gentleman shifting to reveal its purest animalistic core. She’d always said that within every man lay dormant an beast waiting to get out. And she craved to meet Giles’ inner beast and satisfy her curiosity for the Watcher once and for all. But the demon disappeared and Faith felt a tinge of disappointment with its departure.

"Safe? Safe for who?" she asked salaciously and gave his thigh a provocative squeeze.

Giles grumbled, "Anyone. Everyone." He was losing himself. The fever of his blood lust was winning out.

"Anyone who isn't a Slayer." Faith was captivated. “You’ve got a major case of the gotta's goin on." she grinned.

Giles responded with a narrow glare, focusing on self-control and burying the beast.

Faith smiled at his refusal to play along. "Gotta get some. Gotta have it. Gotta give it. Gotta take it. Your pick!"

"Faith… I... I s-suggest you leave... I 'm not sure how long I can...."

He never completed the sentence. Faith's eager lips smashed against his, impatient and wild. The warmth and moisture of her kiss dared him to give in and he felt his control slipping away. Her potent touch moved on as she slipped her fingers beneath the fabric of his buttoned cotton shirt and clawed along his dimpling flesh of his chest. The sensation was shattering his resolve. Giles’ body began to hum, as if alive again and he let the foolish seductress provoke him with vigorous licks and bites along his mouth. Her carnal hunger called to him, sending him spiraling in a torrent of his own throbbing lust. It was unlike anything he'd ever experienced before. His nerves heightening, his muscles pulsing, his self-conscious forgotten, he savored the moment and accepted Faith's advances with reserved fascination.

"Stop holding back, G," Faith purred. "I can handle you.”

Giles’ bestial curiosity was getting the best of him as Faith's lips suckled along his, drawing out the demon to participate. Then, out of nowhere, a pale flicker of an image flashed in his mind and interrupted his feral possession. With the briefest thought of Buffy, a trickle of restraint returned.

“Faith…” Giles tone was unintentionally low and inviting. “No… we can’t.” He had to stop her before he lost the his last thread of control. “This is wrong.”

The excited Slayer ignored his warnings and nibbled along his bottom lip, coaxing him to join in. “That’s what makes it so right! Gimmie a taste."

"I can't..." Giles moaned as Faith climbed into his lap, straddling him and rubbing sensually along his responding body. "I can't do this."

"Can't or won't?" the determined Slayer’s hand dipped down between his legs and stroked the strained fabric caging his erection. Her fingers grazed along his reactive flesh. "Your body ain't following orders. You need this. I need this. After all, it's been a while for me."

He rumbled with gratuitous approval as Faith slipped her warm fingers within his jeans and scraped the cool skin of his abdomen. "I can't.” He hesitantly stopped her exploration with a stern grip. “For her."

"She’s got her own vampire," she kissed him again, deeper as her tongue prodded through his lips, closer to violence than tenderness. It made Giles’ muscles shudder under her and he felt his brow stretching with the change. But there was something else bubbling from within, something more disturbing and dangerous.

"You don't want this, Faith," Giles snarled as he dragged his elongating fangs along her neck. 'Just one sip, bitch wants it.' Giles mind clouded, scattered with flashes of heat and desire. He recognized the wickedness emerging and he loathed it because he liked it.

"This is exactly what I want," Faith glided her other hand up his back, resting it on the back of his head as she gave him another forceful nibble. Her fingers tightened, twisting and grasping at his hair and she yanked his head back in a display of domination, impatiently examining his face for her prize. "Let me have this."
With a menacing snarl, Giles eyes flared yellow and he freed the beast, much to the excitement of the dark Slayer.

He enclosed his arms around her slight frame and lifted her up with him as he stood. Delighted, Faith clamped her legs around his waist and rocked into him, feeling the stir of his bulge pressing to her. Her lips curled back to a pleased smile as she continued to kiss along his neck.

"You can't possibly fathom what *this* is," Giles growled and slipped his powerful hands down to cup her tight ass. “Permit me to educate you.” Without warning, the vampire swiveled around and lunged toward the wall, slamming her hard against the brick as she let out a grunt and giggle from his aggressive play.

“Like it rough? I should have known,” she teased, encouraging his actions with a taunting squeeze of his ass.

'Take her. Take her strength, her power, her life.' He leaned into her, unable to avoid another touch or taste as his mouth claimed hers for a savage embrace. She moaned her approval and winced when he pulled back. He took a long look at his intended prey. Her brow creased with worry as his brutally cold stare shot right through her. All he saw was an open invitation to feed. She was nothing more than flesh to be spoiled, power to be taken. But he couldn’t do it.

"This is what I am, Faith," the vampire eyes misted into dark pools, blackening before her as wispy veins splintered along his already deformed angles. Faith's pleasure melted into fear as she watched his transformation from vampire to something completely unknown to her.

"What the fu..." Her question was silenced by the monster stepping back with her firmly in his clutches and driving her once again to the rough, unforgiving bricks. She cringed from the vicious force of the attack.

"You haven't a bloody clue what you're dealing with." He leaned in, pressing his arousal to her, licking along her quivering lips in a lascivious manner. "But I'll bet your beginning to figure it out. Clever child…"

"What is this? What the fuck are you?"

"Darkness," he hissed, trailing a finger along her neck and wiping some small droplets of salty perspiration from her skin. "Still wish for a taste, Slayer?" He could see the shimmering of tears forming in the young lady’s fretful eyes and he looked away. With a forced sigh, he pulled back and released his hold on her. She spilled clumsily to the ground and pushed herself away from him. The pain of the hunger returned fast and he listen remorsefully as she scampered up the stairs, rushing to escape the thing she'd unintentionally drawn out of him. As the basement door shut, Giles collapsed to his knees and planted his face into his hands, ashamed once again for what he'd become. Faith's question still echoed in his mind. What the fuck was he? He only wished he knew.

The fever subsided as Faith’s scent dulled and Giles felt confident he had finally managed some self-control. Sure enoug, the pain began to strengthen and spread.

"Now that was worth the price of admission." Spike made his presence known as he came out from the shadows and puffed his cigarette. "She wanted you bad, Rupert. And you tossed her aside like one of your spent texts."

Giles remained on the cold cement floor, hiding his face as the vampire approached.

"I'd like to think it was because you’re a eunuch or monk or something but I'm afraid I know better."

He decided his show of weakness was much too pitiful of a display for the likes of Spike so he gathered himself up and returned to the bunk as his sire joined him.

"I'd kill her in a heartbeat." Giles wiped the cold sweat from his brow.

"Killing a Slayer? Much harder than you'd think." Spike chuckled and Giles glanced over, accepting the phrase as an offbeat complement to Buffy. "So, begs the question…what exactly are you?"

Giles leaned back, resting against the brick. He closed his eyes to the inquiry, trying in vain to shut it out along with the intense hunger stirring within him.

"Is that the magic stuff Willow's worried about?"

"Worried?" Giles chuckled. "Terrified and rightly so. It’s uncontrollable, uncontainable. Goes beyond the physical and endangers all life, regardless of strength or power."

"Huh... gotta say I'm intrigued. Never thought about what could happen with that magic stuff."

"Obviously," Giles reached over and claimed Spike’s cigarette for himself, eagerly sampling the old flavor with fond reminiscence. Spike grinned with a dash of satisfaction and lit another.

"You love her, then?" Spike took in a thick cloud of smoke and peeked over expectantly at Giles.


"No, Buffy, you pillock. Why else take a pass at dark meat there?"

"Must you be so crude?"

"Oh sorry, did I offend the evil sorcerer vampire?"

"Evil? I said darkness not evilness. There is a difference."

"Answer the bloody question. Do you love her?" Spike already knew the answer. It was Giles’ relentless devotion to Buffy that made him turn the man. But he was curious if the Watcher would ever admit his feelings for his Slayer.

“Love?” Giles chuckled weakly. “An inadequate word to express the emotions she drives from me.” A pained smile formed along his lips as he took in another breath of smoke. “There aren't words enough to describe it."

"A simple yes or no would do…” Spike sighed. “Know all those bloody worthless languages and you can’t even communicate in your native tongue.” He shrugged. “Yeah... you love her. Figured as much."

"And you?” Giles asked softly, catching a glimpse of the other vampire out of the corner of his eye. “Love her?"

"Fuck yeah! No matter how much I try to ignore it, keeps on eatin' at me." He shook his head in disgust. “It’s a disease, really.”

"Well, aren't we a pair?" Giles took in the last poison breathe offered by the cigarette and let out a labored sigh as he tossed the butt to the floor.

“A pair of what?” Spike snickered. "She knows my feelings. You gonna tell her yours?"

"To what end?"

“She deserves to know, don't you think?"

"Is that what she needs? Yet another useless vampire offering her a mockery of emotion. I'm sure that's just what the Chosen One needs."

"Useless? Speak for yourself. I'm not useless."

"Clueless then," Giles corrected. Spike nodded in agreement and found himself shaking his head in frustration.

“I’ll buy that.”

A sharp jolt of pain sent Giles hunching forward and he bit back the agony. “If I ask politely, will you leave?”

"Will you feed?” Spike was close to fulfilling his threat and force feeding the stubborn vampire but wanted to spare Giles the humiliation.

“What do you think?” Giles glanced over at Spike with the same old resolved look and Spike knew better than to press the issue.

“Buggered again!” Spike grinned. "So… think we'll win this thing?" He asked indifferently.

The ache receded and Giles guardedly returned upright. "Bloody unlikely... but I wouldn't miss it for the world."

"Want to save humanity, eh?"

"Naw. Want to watch her save it."

Spike smiled. ‘The eternal Watcher.’

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