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Tall, dark, handsome, charming and more than a little devilish… what more could you want? Philanthropic Irish actor and obsessive football enthusiast, James Nesbitt, has been entertaining European audiences for years with clever comedic and dramatic roles that not only captivate but make you think. His talents have jumped from across the pond to take the US by storm, or at least he will if I have my way. This is a humble appreciation page for Jimmy where you'll find artistic works donning his expressive mug as well as photo manipulations in loving tribute. Feel free to take and enjoy. Alter as you wish since I can't claim to own any of these images. No need to credit though I love feedback. It feeds my muse.


I happen to adore two of James shows enough that they deserve their very own pages. So if you're in the mood for Jekyll goodies, swing on by Jekyll and Mr. Sexy-Pants for all your Hyde needs. If DS Tommy Murphy is more your style, swing on by my Murphy's Law page. If you're looking for his bio, news or current projects, please check out some of the links below. These resource sites offer a wonderful variety of facts to know and love about James.


**This grouping are made available thanks to the generosity of the JamesNesbittNetwork.Net and their wonderful gallery:


And now for a smattering of others collected from screencaps and other misc. sources::


**900x359 or 800x319

**900x334 or 800x297

**900x419 or 800x372

**900x419 or 800x372



And now for misc Jimmy Goodness:

In 900x387 or 800x344

In 900x365 or 800x324


**1440x900 or 1024x768

**1440x900 or 1024x768

**1440x900 or 1024x768

1440x900 or 1024x768 or Original Manip (huge!)

1440x900 or 1024x768

1440x900 or 1024x768


©James Nesbitt's work as a UNICEF UK Ambassador (Donate Now)©

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This site is an unofficial, non-commercial and not-for-profit James Nesbitt fansite. I claim no ownership of any content from this page since all images are property of the BBC and entities thereof. These are simply the appreciative works of a fan and I am in no way or form benefiting financially from these graphics.