I can never get enough Nesbitt. Welcome to my appreciation page for the BBC drama Murphy's Law. This is where you'll find my misc. artworks involving the tough-talking, scruffy-edged undercover cop with a shattered heart, Tommy Murphy. Feel free to adopt, share and edit any and all of the creations here. No credit needed but always appreciated. More importantly, please spread the love of Murphy's Law. I would be most happy to serve up more goodies to fellow Murphy-ites.

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Blank version 1 of above, version 2

Blank version of above.

Un-Titled version (textless)

Un-Titled version (textless)






Murphy's_Love: A LiveJournal Community
The Official BBC Murphy's Law Page
TV-Links.com.uk: a streaming video database to watch some Murphy's Law
The Internet Movie Database page for Murphy's Law
Wikipedia page for Murphy's Law

If you would like to be added to this link list, please contact me wicked.muse@yahoo.com

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This site is an unofficial, non-commercial and profit free Murphy's Law/Nesbitt fansite. I claim no ownership of any content from this page since all images are property of the BBC and entities thereof. These are simply the appreciative works of a fan and I am in no way or form benefiting financially from these graphics.