Fic: Do You Dream, Daddy?
Part 5/?
Rating: NC-17 for sex. There be smut here!

"Daddy?" Hyde cocked his head aside, working to understand. "You should be sleeping, old man."

Tom sat in the notorious chair, arms and legs strapped and chest buckle fastened tight across his bloodied chest. His head was slightly bowed, shoulders sunken and body visibly weakened by the seeping injuries Hyde recognized all too well.

"Did you kill them?" Tom asked softly but the disgust was clear in his expression.

"You say it like it's a bad thing. Tell me Daddy, how can something that feels so good be so bad?" He flashed a smirk and licked his lips just to send the chill down Daddy's spine he knew it would.

"Answer me!" Tom yelled. "Did you kill?"

Hyde approached and knelt before Tom, gazing up into his worried eyes. "Just a little." Hyde's salacious grin made the confession all the more disturbing. Tom closed his eyes and swallowed down the bitter taste in his mouth. "Daddy dearest disapproves, how shocking."

Tom seemed to shrink, as if the toll of being was doing him in. "We had an agreement, nonfatal defenses only, unless there is no other option."

"Orders understood and disrespectfully disregarded, sir. Might I add a sincere Fuck you, as well." Hyde snarled. He leaned in so close Tom flinched with his every word. "I do what I like and I like what I do. Besides, you don't have any leverage to dangle over me now, Daddy. The family needs you… more me, actually. So what's a body or two or twelve when it comes to the needs of the family?"

"How many did you…"

"Do you really want to know all my dirty little deeds, Daddy?" Hyde strutted around Tom. "Want to know what it feels like to snap a neck, to nibble off an ear, to liberate a head from some sod's body and relish every bloody moment of it?" He stopped before Tom, awaiting an answer. When none came, he answered for him, eyeing the Doctor up and down with contempt. "I think not. I know not. All the better to keep your perfectly manicured family man hands clean, Doctor Jackman."

"You've no idea what I'm capable of," Tom growled and Hyde could see a spark of fury begging to come out and play. What fun.

"Then wake up and face the face, Daddy." Hyde pointed sharply toward his himself. "Everything's changed now. You're through the looking glass now. The Queen wants off with your head and is willing to use Claire and the boys as bait. Seeing as how you're playing dead on arrival, I'm the only thing standing between the Institute and my family. "

"They're not your family. They're mine." Tom stared threateningly up at Hyde.

"Prove it," Hyde challenged and watched Tom's hands curl to fists. He coaxed him on with a smile.

"I don't have to prove anything to you."

Much to Hyde's disappointment, Tom's anger softened with his mounting weakness. He found himself growing impatient, angry. "Then prove it to them. Prove it to my family."

"Fuck you." There was that fire.

"Now you're getting it." Hyde smirked with pride. Daddy wasn't such a twat after all. "But you're not ready. Not even close. Go back to sleep, Daddy. Go back to sleep and dream."

A subtle noise came from down the hall, luring Hyde's attention to the door. The busted lock jingled with someone's curiosity and a silhouette shadowed the textured glass. When Hyde glanced back to discover Daddy and the chair had vanished, he returned his interest to his uninvited guest. A deep breath identified her immediately, sending his body abuzz with that unforgettably beautiful musk he longed for. They were all alone and far from home. What a perfect start to the evening.

Claire tried to open the door as quietly as she could in hopes not to surprise or be surprised by anyone. It was obvious the flat had remained vacant since its use by Tom. It wasn't surprising considering how unwelcoming the space was. Dust had settled thick along the corners and the scuff marks along the floor made her uneasy as she slipped inside and closed the door behind her. The grime covered windows cast a muted yellow. With no working light to give her comfort and the stink of filth thick in the air, she was quite ill at ease as she continued to move. Numerous doors lined the hall, all closed and uninviting to investigation except for the bathroom which had seen better days.

"Honey, I'm home. My day at the office was a killer," Hyde said from somewhere unseen. Claire examined the room and the hall, searching for him with no success. "Cozy, isn't it? Just cries out for a woman's touch." She kept moving, seeking out the voice that seemed to move as she did. "You're a woman… shall we start with the touching?"

Claire spun around to come face to face with Hyde, his black eyes peering at her from under a darkened brow. Her heart raced at his closeness, driven by the mere power of his presence, and it took all her strength to keep from distancing herself.

"This place feels like a tomb," she said and swallowed down her anxiety.

"That was Daddy's idea. I think he wanted to bury me away… or maybe himself." He backed away slowly, his gaze never leaving hers as he took in the stale air of the room. "It's changed… quite a lot actually. Tell me, how long was I dead for?"

"It's been nearly seven months since… since the incident." Claire was troubled by how glib he could be about death, others and his own.

"No wonder I miss you so." His face held no expression which bothered Claire more than any other. She couldn't read him and it left her feeling defenseless. A quick glance to his chest allowed her an escape from his piercing stare as well as an excuse to change the subject.

"You're bleeding… again." Thoughtless with concern, she reached out to carefully peel back the blood sodden shirt from his chest. "Are these fresh?"

"As fresh as they come. Give me a squeeze if you wish." Finally he smiled and she felt a little more at ease until he caught her investigating hand in his and gently guided it away. "They're nothing."

She gave her hand a tug but found his grip tensed with the attempt. "Do they hurt?"

"Not anymore." He was lost in her eyes for a moment then a devilish grin curled along his lips. "Why did you come here, Mrs. Jackman?"

"I needed to be sure Tom was okay."

"And me." His confidence was downright annoying, even when he was spot on… especially when he was spot on.

"You're just a stand-in, remember?" Hyde released her and his grin waned. Claire missed it, surprised that her words had cracked through his dangerous shell. Remorse nagged at her to make amends somehow. "Those look awful." She gestured to the wounds on his chest. "You really should clean those up a bit." She glanced down the hall. "I don't suppose there are any proper bandages around here. Oh wait…" She crossed he room and rustled through the contents of her purse. "I bet I still have those napkins from the restaurant."

Hyde watched with a gentle smile as she began to toss items aside, determined to come to his aid.

"Ah ha!" She proudly waved a handful of napkins before her. "A mother always comes prepared."

"Can I call you mommy, then?" Hyde asked, brows peeked with naughty anticipation.

"Only if you want a spanking." Embarrassment flushed along her face and she dipped her head in hopes to hide it.

"What do I have to do to get mommy to…"

"Stop with the mommy talk. Really, it's just… incredibly disturbing."

"Alright…" he tilted his head aside and purred, "Claire."

The way he said her name sent shivers up her spine and she was more than pleased for the distraction of a discovery within her bag. "Oh look, I happen to have a few bandages as well. You know the boys and they're clumsy little ways."

"No, I don't."

"Sorry, I forget sometimes. Anyway, they're not much but they might help." Hands filled with impromptu medical supplies, Claire marched toward the bathroom.

Hyde remained still, watching every move she made with an almost unnatural intensity.

"I know you heal well… incredibly well." Claire dribbled some water on the wad of napkins. "Best to be sure, though, help things along as best we can. Come on, then." She waved for him to come.

"They're fine." He refused, uncertain why she was making such a fuss.

She let out a frustrated sigh, gathered up all her supplies once more and returned to where he defiantly stood. "Quit being such a baby and let me do this." Hyde watched, fascinated as she carefully stripped the crimson shirt from his torso, taking all the care to avoid causing him any discomfort. "You're as bad as Tom, you know? What is it with men and pain? Your head could come off and you'd refuse treatment but one swift kick to the tenders and you're whining for weeks."

"A man only needs the one head." Hyde's smirk was as contagious as his sinful charm. "The fun one."

Claire dabbed tenderly around the two wounds, slowly but surely clearing the blood. The other gunshot wounds had healed to a miraculous extent, with little more than a dimpled scar as evidence.

"How do you do this? How do you heal as you do?"

"Don't know. Don't care."

"Don't you want to know how you can do the things you do? Why you have incredible strength, speed, stamina…"

"Sex. Sorry, I thought it was a game. Go on."

Claire shook her head in frustration, trying to mask her smile as she continued tending to the wounds. "That's the other thing about men, not a lick of sense but always with the sex."

"If only. What's wrong with sex? I love sex, don't you?"

"Well yeah, when I'm getting it. Bit of a dry spell lately... more of famine actually." She paused long enough to see the juvenile smirk donning his increasingly kissable lips. Damn it, why did he have to bring up sex?

"Tired old Tom's letting you down then, in more ways than one?" He grinned. "Wonder why?"

"Think I have a pretty good idea."

"I could help you with that." The wildness in his eyes set her heart drumming. He glanced down for what she assumed was a cheap thrill cleavage gawk but when his gaze met hers, she realized he could hear her pulsing with excitement.

"That should just about do it." She tried her best to ignore the sexual tension distracting her and refocused on the job at hand. "Maybe I shouldn't use the bandages. Something tells me the pain of those wounds would be nothing compared to ripping the adhesive from that hairy chest of yours." She ran her fingers through his stiff curls, remembering better days when she used to tease at it, snuggle along it, lick the sweat from it. Once she realized what she was doing, she pulled her hand away, retreating a bit too hastily and losing her balance with the action. Hyde steadied her with a tender grip of her arms.

"Thank you, Claire."

It completely threw her, hearing an admitted psychopath be gracious. And he looked sincere which made it all the more unbelievable and moving. She reached up and caressed his cheek, feeling his jaw clench beneath her slight touch.

"You're welcome… Hyde." It was small moments like these, glimpses of the gentleness within him, when she wasn't sure the name Hyde was fitting. Being witness to such violent deeds certainly cemented the title but then there was the conflicting selflessness she's seen from him, the protection and passion he'd displayed. She felt it somehow wrong to brand him with such an infamous name. She smiled and pulled away from him, crossing the room to return the unused items to her bag. "Perhaps I should step out to phone the boys. I must admit I could do with a bit food as well. I saw a pub about a block down. Would you like something?"

"No. I'll just go for a bite here."

It happened in a blur. He pinned her flush to the wall in an instant, arms trapped helplessly at her sides and a far cry from the gentleness he'd shown just moments before. Scorching breathes blew her hair aside, unveiling her neck as the stubble of his chin scoured along her sensitized skin. Her voice failed her as the treacherous daggers of his teeth grazed along the edge of her jaw and traveled down her neck. His body pressed against her. She could feel his arousal, thick and demanding at her backside.

"Oh God," she whimpered as he began to grind against her. Damn it if she didn't burn for more.

"Heard that one before."

His fingers dug into the leather covering her arms. With a vicious tug, the jacket was gone and she felt so much more vulnerable. The torturous teeth returned, raking the length of her neck and teasing at her ear. She braced her hands on the wall as his thigh worked between her legs in a rhythmic pressure that stirred a newfound hunger.

"You don't want to do this," she pleaded, mostly to herself and halfheartedly to him.

"I live to do this," he snarled.

"You said I'd never be safer."

"And never be more satisfied." His strong fingers clawed up her back and began to draw the blouse off her shoulders. "I dreamt of you, Claire," he growled deeply, "Of how you smell, how you feel, how you taste." His steamy tongue licked a trail along her quivering jaw. "It's been too long."

He distracted her with playful nips to her shoulder as his hands came around to unbutton and open her blouse. She gasped at the feel of feverish fingers coming to rest on her abdomen. The nips turned to kisses, smoldering a path up her neck. His hot, wet tongue licked the rim of her ear, flicking at her hoop earring to send a shiver quaking through her. All the moisture had evaporated from her mouth, rendering her silent except for moans and sighs. She turned enough to see him waiting for her, luring her in with a sultry smile and lethal stare.

"I know what you want… who you want. So take it," he dared her. "I do."

Claire whipped around, clamped his face between her hands and lunged at him. Their lips crashed in a wild embrace, each wrestling greedily for control. They fought to undress each other in a skirmish of groping while trading blows with every suckle, every kiss. Hyde unfastened her bra as she tore open his pants and shoved them down the ridge of his hips. It didn't surprise her in the least to find him naked and fully aroused beneath. Christ, she remembered that cock, thick and proud, jutting out from a nest of dark curls under a lean, toned torso. Hyde interrupted her appreciation with a tug of her jeans, sending them pooling over her boots. They scrambled to kick off their shoes and work free from the mote of clothes, occasionally pawing at each other and kissing clumsily in a clash of teeth and tongues. It was passionate, violent, and everything Claire dreamt of, everything she wanted.

Hyde nudged his thigh in to pry her legs apart and pressed his firm erection to her groin. She was already wet with expectation, body humming to feel him within her. His hands slipped behind to cup her ass and scoop her up in his arms. Instinctively, she hugged her legs around his hips as he gently wedged her between the wall and him. He pressed against her, his throbbing cock stroking an agonizingly slow tempo along her slick folds. His onyx gaze remained fixed on her, taking pleasure in her pleasure.

Claire gasped as Hyde's mouth claimed her breast, lavishing affection she'd nearly thought impossible. One after the other, he suckled her nipples to responsive peaks, all the while stroking his untamed erection along her eager core. She pawed wildly at the wall, working to steady herself… ground herself as his tongue continued its delicious assault and his cock begged for depth.

"Please," she whispered desperately, her body yearning for the ultimate connection with him.

"Thought you'd never ask," he smiled.

With a thrust, Hyde penetrated her shallowly, drawing out a moan from her the likes of which she'd never heard before. Her legs locked tightly around him as he drove up, sinking deeply within her. Suddenly all went still. Claire labored to catch her breath and glanced down to see him staring up at her, eyes black as night yet burning with awe at the feel of being sheathed by her. His hands slipped up to the small of her back and he slowly lifted her from the wall and carried her to the pile of clothes discarded on the floor. He knelt down and cautiously laid her down upon them, careful not to separate the slightest bit from her with the action.

"I came back for you," he whispered, caressing the black strands of her hair from her face. It was the closest she'd ever seen to love in his gaze. He sealed the sentiment with a tender kiss to her lips, lingering there as if to savor the moment. Then with his retreat, he began a slow and methodical rhythm, watching her every sigh and flinch. The sensation of him filling her again and again quickly brought her closer to that sweet release and she began to meet his drives with her own. He hastened his pace with her increasing arousal. Soon the deliberately slow strokes had evolved into thrusts as she bucked her hips to match his every motion.

"More," Claire cried out. "Oh God… harder," she ordered.

Hyde complied, plunging powerfully within her. His body tensed as he grew closer to his release. The throbbing of his cock churning deeper still sent tiny eruptions of pleasure through Claire. Each built upon the other, sending euphoric waves cascading through every cell of her being. Her senses unraveled as she let herself go, surrendering to her glorious release.

As aftershocks of her climax rippled along her limbs, she decided it was her turn to play the part of voyeur. She watched Hyde above her, his eyes shut tightly, jaws clenched, face wrought with the tension of his effort. His sinewy form worked in a savage ballet, chest rigid and abdomen taut to help fuel his determined thrusts. He was raw, vulnerable and undeniably human. His eyes snapped opened to catch her watching. She rocked her hips up to encourage him deeper and he welcomed it, purring his appreciation with every dive. Suddenly, his head fell back as his release came on hard. He let out a growl as his final thrust sank and his body stiffened. Claire was taken by the beauty of him in that instant, spilling hot within her, not a care in the world.

Seconds past and the pair remained locked and motionless, milking the moment. Finally, Hyde collapsed upon her, nestling sweetly to her neck and praising her tender skin with delicate kisses. She tickled her fingertips along his back, teasing him at first then simply held him in her arms. Letting out a sated sigh, he slipped free from her and rolled to her side, blanketing her with his arm in a fatigued embrace. She watched as sleep overwhelming him quickly, nearly brought to giggles at the thought of the mighty Hyde succumbing to the age old post-coital curse. Then again, he'd had a full day of coming back from the dead, fighting off a militia and suffering wounds in doing so. Also, she was quite good in bed so it should come as no surprise he'd need a wink or two. She was content to caress the messed curls from his forehead and let him sleep.

Claire's mind wandered. She'd lost track of time the moment Hyde had made his presence known to her. The boys had to be worried if not Min and Miranda a bit put out in having to babysit. Guilt began to eat at her as she contemplated the best route to escape the tender clutches of the slumbering Hyde trapping her. She slipped her hand beneath his arm and slowly guided it off her and to the floor.


She froze with panic at the soft tone, not Hyde's but oh so familiar. Claire looked over to see green eyes staring at her from under a concern creased brow.

"Tom?" Her heart sank with the reality of the situation and what she'd just done.

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