Fic: Do You Dream, Daddy?
Part 4/?
Rating: NC-17 for violence and sex. Finally, I know!

Hart opened his eyes to the hazy light coming in through the cracked window of an abandoned shack. He was strapped loosely to a wooden support at the center of the structure. It was obvious Hyde wasn't worried about him escaping. The thumping in his head agreed with Hyde's assessment. Hart examined his surroundings, searching the grimy space for his captor.

"Wakey, wakey." Hyde strutted from the shadows and struck a confident pose within a stream of light coming in from a hole in the roof. "Welcome back, Colonel. I thought I'd lost you and where's the fun in that?" As had become a perverse fashion statement for him, Hyde was covered in blood with two obvious gunshot wounds to his chest.

"Where's Wilkins?"

"Not to worry, Colonel. Your little piggy went wee, wee, wee all the way home. I sent him on his way after explaining how it's not nice to shoot people and spy on me or mine." Hyde glanced down at his black pants and smirked proudly. "Oh, and I commandeered a change of clothes as well. Hope you don't mind. He didn't."

"What of Berners?"

"Naughty, naughty. Excellent marksman but likes his gun to do the talking. He wasn't so lucky." Hyde strolled up to Hart and crouched down before him. "Pleasure to see you again, Colonel. I thought you'd have kicked it already."

"No such luck, Mr. Hyde." Hart couldn't muster the humor he attempted with the response.

"You don't seem particularly surprised to see me." Hyde reached out and removed Hart's cap, placing it crooked upon his messed curls as he cocked his head aside curiously. "Why might that be, Colonel Hart?"

"That's confidential, Mr. Hyde."

"Oh come now, we're old pals, you and I." Hyde winked and gave Hart a jovial nudge to the shoulder.

"What are you going to do with me, Mr. Hyde?"

"A soldier through and through, Colonel." Hyde smirked and gave him a playful salute.

"You can torture me all you like, Mr. Hyde. I won't divulge confidential operations to the likes of you."

"I know, Colonel." Hyde's smile faded as he slowly eyed the man, carefully considering whatever mysteries only Hyde could see. "You haven't long now, have you?"

"No, I haven't," Hart agreed quietly.

"And has the Institute helped you in your search for the cure?" Hyde asked with an empathetic expression.

"They've offered… promised what they could."

"Sad way to go for a soldier, isn't it? Being eaten bit by bit, day by day until there's nothing left but the memories of what you had been." Hyde drew a finger along Hart's bleeding brow and licked the blood he'd caught from his finger.

"I won't betray the Institute." Hart said it deliberately slow, as if scolding a child.

Hyde was visibly bothered by it and lowered his head, peering at him from under a heavily shadowed brow. "You never should have come after me, come after my family. It isn't a nice thing to do, Colonel," he scolded.

"I was following orders, just as I am now. What are you going to do with me, Mr. Hyde?" In fact, Hart already knew. He could see it in the beast's eyes, the blood lust webbing from the blackest pools.

Hyde leaned in and growled softly to his ear, "I'm going to give you the cure for cancer, Colonel Hart."

Hart felt feverish hands slap on either side of his face and with a ferocious twist, all went numb, went black.

Hyde remained kneeling as he stared down at the deceased Colonel. The man looked so peaceful, finally at rest. After a moment of contemplation, he stood, gave a proper salute and began on his way, whistling a sorrowful tune of 'Taps' as he went.

His lips met hers, full, hot, wet with want and fearless in their exploration. Her fingers clawed through his black curls, ensnaring and urging him further. A carnal nip of her lip reminded her of the dangers of being so close to such a man but her body pleaded for more. She caught and suckled his lip in reply, teasing him to return. He did with renewed zeal, pressing his body to hers in a potent rhythm. She whimpered her welcome to the grinding of his groin against her, again and again; feeding desires to feel him within her. The contours of her screamed for notice and soon, she lifted to meet his every drive. Within an instant of a retreat, his enthusiastic hand slipped between her thighs and began to stroke. It was gentle at first, tender but grew bold in depth and tempo. She cried out as his fingers found their way beneath the lace fabric and dove brazenly within her. He was fucking her and it was filthy and wrong and all too glorious. His body continued to grind against her thigh, building his already stunning arousal. Every stroke, every grind, every growl drove her closer to release.

Within the fury of passion, his head lifted back allowing the glow of the candle light to reveal the midnight eyes peering down at her. She traced a finger along the dimple of his chin, admiring the beauty of the man both foreign and familiar. He nuzzled sweetly to her palm and after a kiss, gently took hold to lower it to the mattress. His other hand slipped around her other hand, entangling her fingers with his. She readied herself for what was to come, seeing the pleasure of expectation in his dark stare. A smile twisted his lips but one not born of happiness. His grip of her hands tensed, trapping her beneath him. Suddenly the lips drew back, revealing the daggered teeth beneath. The once handsome features had changed to that of a beast, deeply creased with ferocity and hunger. She let out a scream as the monster struck, silenced by the fevered clasp of jaws to her neck.

Claire shuttered awake in bed. She searched the dark room, both relieved and saddened to be alone. She remained overheated, still longing for the touch of the monster, and was ashamed for it. Never had a dream been so vivid. Never had Hyde's touch been so real. Nervously, she lifted her hand up to test the skin of her neck. It was intact, of course, but she could swear she felt the echo's of the beasts bite. A glance at the clock near the bed made her go from fear to concern. Where would he go? Tom had made sure not to know the location of Miranda and Min for just such a possibility and now, Claire worried about the very man Tom feared the most. She needed to know he survived, if not for Hyde, for Tom. After all, could she have one without the other?

Claire made the decision that the morning would bring with it a challenge, to find Hyde or Tom. She had a good idea where Hyde might go. Lucky for her, Miranda had the address of the old flat. She could only hope her instincts were right.

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