Fic: Do You Dream, Daddy?
Part 14/?
Rating: R

It was a spark of genius, Miranda and Min taking the boys out for dinner. Not only did it distract them away from the inexplicable disappearance of their parents, at least for the moment, it gave Katherine quality research time with the Institute files. She'd used the time to call in some favors from colleagues who helped provide her with the barest resources to decipher the data. Of course she couldn't reveal any suspicion rousing details but just enough for wild speculation. Only one thing stood out, cellular collapse and Katherine knew enough to deduce Tom was in far more trouble than he'd let on. He was dying and more over, keeping it from those who should know.

She finished off another page and discarded it upon the stack, rewarding herself with a sip of tea before taking up another data filled document. Her attention was pulled away by a creak from down the hall followed by a suspicious silence. She considered for a moment before rising to her feet and slowly making her way along the short stretch of rooms. Another creak sounded, this time from the den. She quietly peeked around the door to find a familiar shadowed silhouette dividing the symmetry of the window, haloed by the dim grey of a misty landscape beyond the glass. She cautiously stepped through the door and reached out to flip the light switch.

“Please don't,” a mild plea broke the silence.

“Tom, what are you doing back so soon?” Katherine started forward only to instinctively stop once she'd reached the midpoint of the room.

“I needed to see you again.” His words were soft, barely above a whisper.

“What's happened?”

“I couldn't leave things as I did.”

Struggling to hear, Katherine stepped forward. “I don't understand.”

“After all you've done, you deserve more, Katherine.”


“So much more.” It sounded wrong, instantly setting her on edge.

“Doctor Jackman, please tell me it's you.” When he didn't answer, she retreated backwards, blindly reaching out for the light switch.

“Doctor Jackman, so formal Katherine. But that always was your kink, wasn't it?” His tone remained soft and gentle as he turned to face her but the shadows still masked his identity.

Katherine's search for the switch grew frantic.

“Allow me.” He gestured and the lights miraculously lit to reveal the callous stare of Hyde.

Footsteps behind Katherine made her glance back to find a small, heavily armed militia had blockaded the door. She backed away from the intimidating escorts and fixed her gaze on Hyde. “Mr. Hyde. You shouldn't have come here.”

“Tisk, tisk, is that any way to address a former boss. Know your place, Ms. Reimer, which will be six feet under soon enough.” His voice was cold and deliberate. “Put the kettle on, boys. I've unfinished business with this one.”

“As you wish, Sir.” A youthful soldier acknowledged and with a nod, sent the rest of the men to take up positions just outside the room.

“Now that's how it's done. You could learn a thing or two from them, Katherine. Too bad you won't be around long enough for it to sink in.”

“We'll be just outside, Mr. Hyde,” the soldier said flatly and Katherine couldn't tell if it was for Hyde's benefit or her own.

“Then you're in for a treat. This one likes to scream.”

The soldier waited a moment before stepping beyond the door to stand watch. Hyde took a step towards Katherine to which she sidestepped, intending to keep him a safe distance as best she could. He continued an unhurried advance, each step calculated to toy with her.

“Why did you bring them here? You can't trust them, Mr. Hyde. They'll only betray you.”

“Betrayal is such an ugly word, like, say ‘cure'. What do you say, Ms. Poppins, ready to finish what we started?”

“Whatever they've promised you, whatever they've done, I can help… we all can.”

Katherine gasped when she felt her backside bump up against the wall. She instinctively glanced back over her shoulder only to discover Hyde right before her when she returned. His eyes narrowed for a moment, head cocked aside ever so slightly as if he were working something out then a steely grin spread along his lips. Katherine remained still, uncertain and wondering what he could possibly be up to. Suddenly her eyes were drawn down as his finger hooked the upper most button of her blouse and with a yank, sent the button darting across the room. Another and then another was sent ricocheting.

“What do you think you're doing?” her voice quivered with dread.

“I'm going to peel you like a grape for starters then we'll see where the mood takes me.”

Hyde reached out to grasp her breast. Katherine fell into the defensive, swatting his hand away. He persisted and they quickly fell into a slapping match until he took hold of her shoulders and slammed her hard against the wall with a sickening thud that warned her he was to be taken seriously.

“You don't have to do this,” she slurred, working to refocus on him through the fog of pain.

He leaned in so close she could taste the heat of his breath. “You've got it wrong. It's not about having to. It's all about wanting to.” His tone trailed off into a guttural snarl. She yelped as he tore her blouse open, jostling her with the brutality of it. Her hands felt heavy, trembling useless at her sides and unwilling or unable to respond.

“Please don't do this…”

The militia men stood idle at the doorway, their hands fidgeting with their pistols, hesitantly watching every move Hyde made.

“What's he doing?” an older soldier whispered to the younger lead.

“Getting reacquainted, I suppose,” he responded, trying to feign indifference.

“We don't have time for this?” Grumbled another, visibly bothered.

“You going to stop him?” They exchanged uneasy glances before returning their attention to the disturbing scene playing out before them.

Hyde's smile was lecherous, angering Katherine with its relentlessness until a swell of courage broke her from her paralysis. She clawed wildly out at Hyde, nails catching and tearing with the fevered attack. Again, he thrust her hard against the wall, knocking the fight out of her as another thick wave of dizzying pain washed over her. His smile broadened as he sampled the blood trailing down his cheek.

“You're spoiling me, Katherine.” Hyde's hand slinked around her neck, brushing lightly along her skin until his grasp closed tight. She shut her eyes, preparing or the worst. “Such enthusiasm, I like it. But I know you're new at this sort of thing so I'll give you a tip…” Katherine held her breath, ignoring his, suddenly hot and stinging her cheek as he came in close to sneer, “…this is the part where you scream.”

Her eyes shot open to see him so close, it took a moment for her to realize he'd winked at her.

“What?” She barely choked out from his tight grip of her throat.

“Best make it look good for the soldier boys.”

“What are you doing?”

“Trying rather half-arsed to save your life but if I'm honest, I'd just as much, if not more, like to do you in. So be a good lil' victim and scream or I'll give you something to scream about.” He smiled mischievously and groped her breast.

Katherine swiped his hand away, her face wrought with disgust and confusion.

“Fuck it, death it is,” Hyde shrugged and his hand swiftly clenched her jaw and slowly began to wrench her head sideways. Katherine let out a scream, a genuine scream filled with the real horror he inspired in her.

The soldiers were startled by the pleading scream and quickly inched further behind the walls as if to separate themselves from the attack.

“Bloody hell, we have orders. We didn't come here for this.” Another soldier grumbled through the ruckus of Hyde's assault.

“I don't think the sick bastard cares.” The young leader winced as Hyde threw the lady to the floor and pounced on her. The bloodcurdling screams that followed made them all cringe.

“Christ, I can't watch this.” One turned his back to the gruesome sight which encouraged others to follow suit or shuffled off to either side of the doorway.

“At least attempt to put on like you're not enjoying this,” Hyde sighed and pressed himself vulgarly against her.

She floundered beneath him, doing her best to make a scene and buck him off.

“Do we still have an audience?” Hyde whispered.

Katherine wrestled with him, catching a glimpse of the open doorway. She shook her head. “They're just outside. What's happened?”

“Claire's been hurt.”

“NO!” she yelled and caught hold of his wrists, trying in vain to pin them at her sides. “Watch the hands!”

“I'm taking my boys.”

“No. Too dangerous.”

“They'll let her die.”

“They may anyway.”

He paused the assault, hovering over her with an uncertain look. A moment later, he slammed his fist down into the wooden floor just missing Katherine's face. She could feel the boards shudder loose from the impact. She let out another scream as his other fist fell.

“What are you going to do with Miranda and Min?” she whispered.

“They want them dead, the same as you.”

“So you're a killer now?”

A troublesome smile returned to Hyde's face. “Always have been, Poppins, and it's about time you realize that.”

“You still haven't answered me.”

“A bit busy with the raping you, remember?” He reached down, grasped at her jeans and with a yank, sent the zipper splintering apart.

“Answer me, Hyde, what are you going to do?”

“I don't know,” he hissed through clenched teeth but his moment of frustration melted away into a smirk. “But it's time for the big finish, Katherine.”

“What does that mean?”

“Trust me.”


He took hold of her head and pulled her face to him, making sure to smear his blood along her cheek in doing so. “Then you'll just have to take your chances.”

“Say boys?” Hyde called out and some of men dutifully marched in, pistols at the ready. “Sloppy seconds anyone?”

None bothered to answer, all visibly shaken by the sight of the abused and terrified young lady trying desperately to recover her modesty.

“Suit yourselves.” Hyde shrugged nonchalantly, trapped her head between his palms and forced her to him, pressing a kiss to her objecting lips. He pulled back, gave a wink and wrenched her neck sideways, eliciting a crude crack from the action. She instantly went limp and fell lifeless as a rag doll to the floor. Hyde stood victorious over the body and licked his lips as he fastened his jeans with bloodied fingers. The soldiers stood in shock, some raising their weapons to take aim.

“What? I admit it was a bit rough on the dismount but you have to give me props on the effort.”

With a scolding glare from their leader, the soldiers lowered their arms.

“Gotta love the job.” With a callous smirk curling his lips, Hyde stepped over the lifeless body and strutted between the parting men. A car pulling up the drive interrupted the stunned silence. “Let's see to the others, shall we? Come along boys.”

The elder man stared down at the unmoving body watching blood trickled from the corner of her mouth to pool on the floor below. He retrieved his radio and spoke in a coarse voice, “Phase one complete, Sir.”

Miranda held open the car door for Min who struggled to free her baby from the car seat. Harry shuffled out and came around to watch Min work the puzzle of the seat belts while Eddie supervised from within, making suggestions.

“Go on inside, boys, and take along the cake for Katherine,” Miranda said and handed off the take away they'd brought home.

“Can we have another piece?” Eddie asked, eager to follow orders if a reward was in it for them.

“Perhaps after you've both washed up,” Miranda compromised and took the baby just long enough to let Min secured the car.

“You might want to reconsider that after how they finished off dinner.” Min smiled and traded her bag for the slumbering infant.

“Get along inside, all of you.” The boys took off running toward the front door with Min and Miranda in tow. They pulled back the door to discover Hyde standing a short distance inside, face scratched and bloodied, welcoming them with a subtle smile.

“Uncle Billy!” Harry and Eddie shouted in unison and ran to Hyde, each taking a side and wrapping their arms around him. He did even bother a glimpse to them, keeping his steadfast gaze set on Miranda and Min. Miranda reached back for the door only to find a group of armed soldiers blocking the way.

“It's quite a surprise to see you here, Mr. Hyde.” Miranda said warily, stepping between him and Min who held her sleeping infant in tight to her chest.

“Come for tea, I hope,” Min gulped and began to back away. “We have cake.”

“I've already eaten,” Hyde said in a chilling tone.

“There's always room for cake, Uncle Billy,” Harry suggested.

“It's playtime, boys. Go show the soldier men our impenetrable tree fort,” Hyde spoke evenly, mechanically, his gaze never leaving the ladies.

Harry glanced at Miranda and then to Eddie, unsure. “But Daddy said not to…”

“Daddy sent me here to tell you to go with the soldier men.” He paused for effect, his voice slipping into a deeper, more menacing tone but still eerily calm, “Go now.”

“Come on lads, we've a surprise for you,” a soldier encouraged.

“Where's mommy?” Eddie asked, a glint of suspicion in his eye.

“That's the surprise. We're taking you to her,” the soldier answered, donning a weak excuse for a pandering smile.

“And there's a party waiting as well,” said another. “With your very own cake and ice cream.” He thoughtlessly gestured with the tip of his rifle and upon realizing his gaffe, let it fall to his side and waved the boys on in a less threatening fashion. After some initial hesitation, Eddie and Harry started off through the house, escorted by a couple of soldiers as the sound of a helicopter rotor rumbled off in the distance.

“Go with them,” Hyde directed the lingering band of soldiers.

“Orders are to remain at your…”

“Two can stay…” he pivoted around slowly and added, “…for the clean up.”

They remained and Hyde's brow creased fierce. “You have my family,” he said softly. “What can I do?”

The soldiers exchanged distrustful glances then in unspoken agreement, followed after the departing boys, leaving two men behind.

“Get on with it,” one ordered and shut the door to drown out the increasing noise of the approaching helicopter.

“What's happening?” Miranda's uneven voice drew Hyde's unwanted attentions back to her.

“It's time to say goodbye.” A foul smile twisted his lips as he took a step towards them. The remaining soldiers shuffled a few paces forward, steering the targets toward Hyde and his devious intentions.

“What have you done with Katherine?” Min asked, still inching away as her baby shifted restlessly in her arms.

“Nap time. Tucked her in all neat and tidy like.” He took another step forward and placed a blood stained finger to his lips. “Hush now, wouldn't want to wake her.” Min and Miranda moved together, slowly sidestepping to get around Hyde but he turned with them, every aching step warning there was no escaping him. “Not to worry, you'll be reunited soon enough.”

“What are you going to do with us,” Min choked.

“Mr. Soldier man,” Hyde called, startling the younger of the two soldiers out of his concentration.

“What now?” He stepped up and impatiently awaited orders.

In a blur of motion, Hyde backhanded the young man, tore the pistol from his hand and fired two rounds into the cringing youth's face as he attempted to straighten up. Two perfect crimson blossoms appeared, one on his brow and another on his cheek which quickly spilled over with blood that trailed down his stunned features. The soldier's body folded limp to the floor as the other soldier shot off a round that caught Hyde square in the chest. Hyde spun around in a fluid motion to strip the gun clean from the soldiers grasp with one hand as he fired with the other, sending two rounds point blank in the stunned man's face. The shots found their target with deadly precision and the soldier collapsed, joining his deceased comrade. Miranda and Min stood frozen in horror as Hyde turned his focus on them, a gun in each hand and edging ever closer.

“Oh my God!” Min gasped, trying in vain to console the fretting infant.

“I… I don't understand,” Miranda stammered, hands trembling at her sides and awaiting the worst.

“Don't need to.” With a juggle, Hyde repositioned on gun handle out and offered it to her. She could see the sizzle of the hot nozzle on his skin and the stink of burning flesh and powder. “Panic later. We haven't much time.” He urged.

She took the gun with a wavering grip. “What do want me to do?”

“Shoot me.” He returned the remaining gun to its deceased owners limp hand.

The thunder of the helicopter was fast overpowering their voices.


“It's me or you.”


“Shoot me or I will kill you and her…” he began to close the space between them, “… then eat your baby.”

“You wouldn't!” Min gasped.

In a flash, his eyes webbed red with fury, jaws stretched wide baring blood stained, jagged teeth in a monstrous roar. A single shot rang out, catching him just above his brow and jolting his head back. He stumbled backwards for a moment before somewhat regaining his balance. The fangs had receded and his eyes cleared only to gloss over with confused as a trickle of blood ran down his face. The gun fell from Miranda's hands and hit the floor with an echoing thud.

“I'm sorry,” she whispered, reaching out to him as he collapsed to the floor beside the dead soldiers.

“Oh God, you've killed him,” Min panicked.

“He told me to shoot him.”

“But you've killed him!”

“Quick. We need to go.”

“But the boys.”

“We can't help them now. Go Min, go out the back. Get the car ready.”

“Where are you going?”

“I need to get something first. It's important. I'll be right after you.”

“What have we done?” Min shook her head in revulsion as she stepped carefully around the fallen men.

“I don't know.” She gave Min a shove, herding her toward the back end of the house. “I honestly don't know.”

“Three men down, repeat, three men down, all with gun shots to the head,” an older soldier barked into his radio over the sound of the departing helicopter.

“Where the bloody hell is Hyde?” A static ridden voice responded.

“I'm afraid Callander and her companion managed to escape.”

There was a long silence before a barely audible voice screamed back through increasing interference, “Status of Hyde, dammit!”

“Comatose but stable. Shephard's injuries were…”

“I don't give a fuck about ‘im. Status of the Jackman children? Were they successfully retrieved?”

“Yes. They're on their way now. They're unaware of their father's injuries.”

“Let's keep it that way. Torch the place.”

The soldier glanced back at the home. “Come again?”

“Burn the bloody place to the ground.”

“But we've yet to recover the bodies of Reimer, Shephard and….”

“Don't need them. Let them burn with the rest of this catastrophe of an operation. Is that understood?”

“Yes sir. Miller out.” He took a moment to size up the structure of the building and waved a trio of awaiting men on. “You heard the man, four point ignitions and a spark to the roof. Wipe the scene clean.” The men charged out from the van to see to their orders as the lead watched the helicopter shrink off into the distance. He retrieved his mobile from a pocket. A quick dial and ring later, he responded, “Hello love. They've made a right mess of it and are continuing to do so. Best get your team ready to sterilize whatever the media vultures come up with. That's a girl.”

part 15...