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It's been some time since I did any updates here. I'm afraid my interest in Buffy is waning a bit but I do create graphics every once in a while.


July 17th, 2009:

I posted some new graphics I did for Summer of Giles. Always fun to play with the G-man.

August 26th, 2008:

A long overdue update to include the many Gilesean photo manipulations done as part of the annual Summer of Giles event held on LiveJournal. Please go and browse the shiny new manips waiting.

April 7th, 2008:

First, there are a ton of new manipulations. Well, new unless you've been keeping up with my LiveJournal. Pop on in to the manipulations page for Buffy/Giles, Dawn/Ethan, Buffy/Ethan, Giles, Ethan and other goodies. As usual, feel free to adopt and use images for your own needs. While credit is appreciated, it isn't necessary. Just enjoy and spread the love. I will warn you that while there is nothing I consider too naughty but are a few more risque images.

Second, I've updated my fanfic page to include a work in progress Buffy/Ethan fic, Triangle, started as a part of an Ethan Ficathon. Unfortunately the plot kinda fizzled out once I reached a certain... erm, pinacle of the story. But it's lighthearted and more farce fun. There is also a short complete fluff Valentine's Day Dawn/Ethan fic to try and inspire others into the pairing, But Soft!