I thought it might be fun for my two favorite Ash's to go head to head, so to speak. Alright, there are no losers here... I love 'em both! This is just an odd comparison that might reveal some interesting commonalities.
Both look good in B & W. Ok, that's a given. I had to start out simple.
Both look good in blood. I know ASH isn't too gory but I think Ash may have overdone the Karo syrup a bit.
Both look good scratched up. Extra points for attitude goes to Ash...mind the Boomstick folks!
Both look good pissed.
Both have bad luck with the ladies.
Both work with books..though ASH actually reads them while Ash gets attacked by them.
Both look good scruffy. A bit tense ASH? Should drink the decaf Gold Blend!

Chainsaws, chainsaws, chainsaws...

and more chainsaws!
Both have gone through some...uh, changes. Woke up all demony boys?

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